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  • Listen mate, living in the world you do, I hoped you would've spelt arse correctly!
    Yeah, that's pretty much it. I took a long break for a while because this place has gone downhill.
    geelong were 2 and 3 in 07
    st.kilda were 4 and 7 kast year at the mid way point, then finished fourth and belted us in the process
    Didak, heath shaw and our captain Maxwell to come back. Some leadership on the field would ofbeen nice against Essendon
    Rocca usually takes a couple of weeks to warm up and his shrugging off of fletcher proved he is still strong and it wont be paida free kick most weeks

    Thats all ive got mate
    birthday wishes, daniel, birthday wishes.

    a cameo would also be fine though :p

    it does suck muchly. so many randoms.. there are so many in jokes i can't even use anymore because nobody except david gets them lol.
    Haha, probably. I've just been super busy atm & I'll still be pretty busy this next week as well :( Haven't been on BF, let alone TBT, in quite a while. Just for a moment or 2 to check PMs lol.
    As soon as holidays start I'll probably be back.... if I'm not working too much :p
    I know, I'm totally on your side.

    Goes without saying, but still, you need to know.

    You know..


    *runs out*

    You're stuffed for English :D

    Its okay. Many other people hate you too, just ask them.
    Dave hates you, didn't you know?

    He was just trying to be hush about it.

    I wasn't supposed to tell you lol (Keep it quiet).
    Yes, i left that open so someone can say that! im waiting for someone to say it. please someone say it!
    The point is, we are comparing their careers. So the fact that Crawf has retired means he cant add to that. We cant assume that he would play 78 more games and kick more goals. He ended his career. His stats stop. It is a credit to Harvs to play longer. So i left it open for someone to get owned by me!
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