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  • Hi Bruce, Just a quick note to say thanks for keeping everyone up to date with the health of some of our senior, and most respected posters.
    I do appreciate what you are doing. I guess the real medicine we all need at Hawkland is a win. Hope it's tomorrow. Best wishes, Mike.
    The BIG X
    The BIG X
    Only just found this Th - Yes it's a Hawk community (smile)
    TBX, your sig is too long. The Hawks fans need something simpler like "Henry JR Is Gay" or "Best team since WW2" that gets to the point!!!!!
    If you left the warmth of those rooms, I didn't see you! ;)
    Decided at 1pm that I'd make the trek. Pretty average day though.
    it's a bit shaky, but I will fix it up, until then at least you'll be in Hawthorn colours!
    Great to have some more insight into training mate love my training reports The Big X keep up the good work mate cheers Noosa!:thumbsu:
    I know the problem u didnt get to see the Queen. We didnt give you the letter of introduction from Big Footy. That would have opened Bucks Gates :) See you back next week.
    Re the draft...yes and no...thinking of going to The London Tavern but maybe go to TD 1st and then there for lunch?

    I gather the dome is open for this function?

    If your going sounds good.

    Andre Rieu. Yes, well, ill be working there :)
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