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  • Did you enter the GF ballot Simon?

    I wrote a reminder on a white board at home but walked right passed it after work. It was only when I got on Facey that one of my Bigfooty mates reminded me to enroll for the ballot. Still, I have never got tickets in the members ballot before. I have only got there as a September Member or through mates.
    The Casey Cat
    Nah not in mate can't afford it this year. Only going next week as Shell is shouting me my ticket til I can pay her back.
    Thanks for the positive and generous response on that election thread mate :thumbsu:

    Although there are definitely a fair number of progressive thinkers on the SRP board, there are also a lot of ideological phillistines there for whom serious analysis seems to be a bird of a foreign species, I reckon.

    Always good to see another kindred spirit around the place who's on the same wavelength.

    BTW, I've posted another reply to you on that thread too, hope you check it out, it's at http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/showpost.php?p=18744669&postcount=394

    Ahh, cool. I live on the same road as John Paul College. I used to live near Karingal Heights Primary School.
    You live in Karingal? :eek:

    I lived there for 8 years and now live down the road from there.
    As per usual, just for telling trolling morons where to stick it. I messaged the mod and told him the only difference between the main forum and Bay 13 is that you're able to whack the flogs back on Bay 13. :cool:
    Psst, you're meant to post that on my profile or I won't get it. :p

    And what's with the Shannon bagging?! You're in trouble...
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