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  • Hello there,
    happy xmas champ,

    i have no idea what the past year has been like,
    but, .........

    One day, we will meet and probably hug.

    All the best to you and yours.
    Re: Judd incident Quoted by Five: You can come back and correct me if I am wrong :)

    *cough* Sooooooo...... one of us was right *cough*

    I'll give you a hint too, it wasnt you :)
    A bit belated but so glad you and your family are safe. Just reading the stories are scary enough, hope you're doing ok :thumbsu:
    Five, it can't be that bad. TG even got red-carded - it happens. They need people for the Buddy thingy. A good excuse to once more take up the cudgels. WTF will tape the games for me? See you soon, son.
    FiveMan - waiting a little longer to start the drive to have you return and once more take up your rightful role as Clipart King. All good, mate.
    Originally Posted by Five View Post
    No, it wasn't a joke but with no one like yourself giving me a decent link, I ventured out of ClipArt land into your Utube and found that one myself (his others aren't up to much) - I am a bit late coming back (see below) but have to say it waylaid my fears a little.

    This clip lead me to look at other WAFL clips I had not seen and having seen Nic Nat's can't help but think what a terrible mistake Melbourne have made
    Fair enough mate.

    The Blues rated NicNat at one and Yazz at two...

    Gets a bit silly don't it? I should have given you a heads up the a-hole was looking for trouble mate. Anyway, all good. M.
    Mate would love the game as I had to leave at 3/4 time and missed Juddies goal. His kicking better improve next season or he's GAWN!
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