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  • Greatest Flag. Ever. In our history.

    Karma just came and kicked Buddy squarely in the nuts.

    My Swans connection say he's practically inconsolable;e right now.
    The Cryptkeeper
    The Cryptkeeper
    Yep, in fact probably the greatest flag ever by any club. As for Buddy, well I couldn't be less sympathetic.
    Hey, just your friendly 'biggest flog on Bigfooty' here.

    Remember this?

    ' response to the Sydney idiots that are hanging their hat on a one-off win in Tasmania I simply say, you are kidding yourselves if you think you will get within a country mile of Hawthorn on the MCG in September. They are classes, and I mean classes ahead of Sydney.

    Sydney have no chance.'

    Good times.
    The Cryptkeeper
    The Cryptkeeper
    It happens mate. BF is full of bravado and hats off to the Swans, they deserve their premiership today. Box on.
    I beg your pardon? You are disgusting trying to make me apologize. instead, ill be the bigger man and walk away. Some of your comments disgust me and you should really get yourself checked out as its so obvious you have psychological and mental issues. Its obvious mate.
    Good stuff. Like it. Admittedly I am very defensive of Ryan as I am a family friend.

    He is a great kid. He worries non stop about his preparation and game and really does seek out everyone and everything he can to be the best he can be. I tend to feel terribly sorry for the scapegoat that of course is in every side. And the Hawks recently have had a few.

    Ryan was a forward right through his junior career. A high, quick leading forward. We have created this problem and seeing him standing blokes that rag dolled him one on one was really upsetting to see.
    Fingers crossed he bounces back... whether that be is a return to the forward line or after a strong preseason where he can get more size on.
    Either way... we've gotta stick tight and hope that this Friday we rebound as a side.
    Cheers Mate. :)
    Whatever. Not you directly. Just the endless threads about kids. It really repulses me seeing people "pot" young fella's who work their arses off. Who give all they have mentally and physically to the side. Cant stand the "faceless legends" who get "set" on a bloke and then take much pleasure in that bloke's disintergration. I thought Shane's support of Ryan was fantastic. You can take my comment personally... or take it as it was meant (in regards to me sick of ANOTHER thread about an undersized defender being thrown to the wolves.. Thurgood, Murph, Dawson... now Ryan.... ).
    Wasnt personal at all. You'll notice it says "legends".... not "legend". Take it or leave it.
    Hawks are travelling well mate, the only thing I miss when they are is you not giving people a towelling on the forum you grumpy bastard. Keep it up your posts are always good for a laugh.
    I am leaving London unfortunately in a couple of months, and I doubt that I will get back to the UK for a few years. By then, we will be playing out of "Zurich Stadium" or some other corporate named monstrosity and WHL as we currently know if will not exist. Don't get me wrong, it is good for the future of the club, but bad for nostalgic old bastards like me!

    I hope you are right about Modric. I have been worried about other clubs poaching him for a while. I know he has a contract but when a club like Man U get in a player's ear and they start getting itchy feet, it is extremely hard to keep them.

    Pav is an interesting one. Very inconsistent but can carry a team for a month when he is scoring goals. Plus they love him on the terraces, is probably the most popular Spur at the games.

    Hopefully we can get a decent CL qualifying draw. It is going to be a very interesting few months. COYS
    How nerve racking was the City game???? It was just painful to watch. How good has Bale been over the last 3 months? We just need to shoo the vultures away from Modric, add 1 world class player to the squad, and off we go. Man it has been a fun season.

    Went to my last ever game at the Lane against Bolton 2 weeks ago. Sad, sad day.
    thanks A, cleaned up !!!

    yeah bro well overdue... Spoke to R a few weeks back we gotta catch up soon...
    Geez we were rubbish... I'm just cringing at the thought we'll have another last game of the season collapse and miss 4th spot
    No dramas mate...looking back on it I'm not really sure why I even felt the need to respond..must've been a slow day at work!
    hahaha im gonna kill me self over it mate hahahaa like i care its bigfooty u tossa and you will be getting banned soon... i just reported you so have fun with your ban mate hahahahahahahaah
    your fav friend chrissie90 is back! wahahhahahahahahaahaha funniest s**t ever
    my dad picks the berries that make cottees cordial.
    I hadnt logged in for ages and just found these messages. May I just say that this is hilarious, both of them.
    No bother. Still shits me so m,uch thatb our idiot board of the last few years buggered up that sweet deal we had with Canberra.
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