The Night Shift

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  • Ha ha, seems we are cut from the same cloth. Yeah, peter cushing only had a face for the bad guys. Just like Danny Trejo.
    cheers bro. good luck for the purple horde this year.
    No way, Hodgson was a cancer - if anything they pulled the pin to late. The guy has nearly destroyed the place.

    I'm in Tonga at the moment so I have no idea what's happening with the soccer results. Probably just as well considering the season Liverpool are having.
    Blackpool can kiss my ass dude :mad:

    Nah but seriously, good on em. Playing beautiful football against Liverpool. I wish we had a manager who would encourage attacking play like that for once.
    One of those years... The most satisfying result form the win was probably winning in Vic finally. Those sorts of wins can do wonders for confidence (Even if they shouldn't skill wise). Either way I'm in NFL mode and just praying to avoid the spoon :p
    Heh, was wondering why I was getting friend updates form some Freo noob ;) Just noticed we have the same join date too...
    Name change bro. Very nice.. A lil' confusing looking at which threads my "friends" had replied to and seeing "The Night Shift".. Took a while, but it finally clicked ;)
    Got on the piss last night and spent the night at the missus' place. So obviously I missed. Bugger it. I might try and work it, but otherwise no Metallica for moi. You?
    God that was shite. **** West Coast, my dislike for Freo doesn't even come close to the hatred for how we play now.

    To go over for Overkill would be freakin awesome. If you do you're a lucky bastard.
    Not in the MetClub. Not even 100% if I'm going... The crowd is going to be absolutely shite and the songs probably not much better. That's before I even get to the cost. Christ. I suppose I have to so I've seen the big 4 though.

    Overkill are awesome. Very, VERY annoyed they aren't coming across to Perth.

    And haven't really been checking anything out lately. Been more into a mood to re-discover stuff. Got back into Type O Negative just before Steele died and also Dark Angel as well who I haven't listened to in about 4 years. Really just waiting for Maiden to come back and I can get on the barrier for them again.

    BTW, Freo suck dick etc etc.
    Well, we have an FNQ u19 team, which is choc full of talent and doing very well, but I know most of the guys in the team, and there are only a handfull of lands who would probably be capable of taking a step up.

    In the Q league (step below A league), the 2nd & 3rd placed teams are the FNQ bulls & NQ razorbacks, so there is some talent there.

    TBH, I'm glad Fowler went to the Glory instead of say Sydney or Melbourne, etc. Just leaves such a huge hole in the Fury line up.. Struggling to win as it was.
    no one really, my brother goes for Chelsea, my cousin goes for Arsenal, so just to stick it up their ass I got for United, couldn't care less how many cups they won, as long as they beat out my relatives teams
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