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  • Hey mate... Do you wanna be a part of Rizzos best bets. Would love to get some NFL, Tennis and cricket selections up. Maybe even some F1 and golf as well if you get time. If your interested I can give you more details..
    Yep u won
    u thrashed em
    Cloke went well in the 2nd half
    did u see maxwells bump on mcginnity
    yeah i think u'll probavly win
    but u never no west coast can put up a good fight sometimes
    Well we will pretend it is lmao

    Yeah i think your right, when footy season starts hopefully he gets lost in the traffic somewhat
    is that band ip post real here trs? lol

    U, vinnie and jabso are doing a good job too. i hope he buggers off by the time the season starts
    Hey TRS, I just wanted to give you big props for being the better man. I was wrong, you were right. You're the best, I'm the worst. You're very good-looking, I'm not... attractive.

    I should never have sent you those threats via PM, I realise now that you were just trying to help me post within the forum rules, and it was only through my own vindictiveness that I got carded. I should have listened to you all along.

    So I hope it's all cool between us, cheers man and Go Pies '09! :thumbsu:
    is there any reason why i have unable to post attatchments in my account... also does this prevent me from post pictures with photo bucket??? sorry i just with computers..
    TRS could you delete the Daisy thread regarding a rumored altercation if you have not already.
    Yeah it would of been uesful to get a KP then he could help Cloke and Anthony.
    Did'nt Collingwood want both Beams and Sidebottom in the first round??????
    Hav u been down to Collingwood training???????
    If so are the young ones training well????????
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