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  • Geez i hope you're right about Motlop. This place will go into total meltdown if we don't get one of Mots or Watts :(
    The post from pafc88 seems to be re a post on the TPFP forum saying we would have news of Travis very soon and hinting that he may have signed today.

    Someone said jokingly that they would announce it at the info night. Have no idea how credible this is. You probably have the best chance of finding out.

    ah turns out i will be using my tickets. great for me. good luck finding some more tickets. yeah when i got the message i figured it was for all members too.
    nah not me - I'd told REH I wouldn't and you should, so was just wondering.

    prob see you at the strath :thumbsu:
    Hi Matt, Sorry to hear about Adam's TKO last night, hope he's not too sore and sorry! Did Sarah and or Luke attend with you, they would have been sad for the young fella also.

    Hope life is still going extra well for you at Glandore, was speaking to Aunty Jane yesterday. Told her that you have moved out of home and she wished to pass on bestiest wishes to your goodself! Have my last week of hols. before going back to uni. next week so will be enjoying every minute of it...Of course, I will be joined at Flinders by a " certain young chap " that will be highly nicely!!

    In regards to the Woodville Team of the Century much LOL, Part 2 has now been created..yeeha. This is also on the SANFL Board, the last posting was on the 17th Feb. I shall make a new entry or two..haha in the near future. All the best Matt and will catch up soon, say hi to Sarah and Gav too. Cheers, Dad.
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