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  • Oh, I'll throw this out to you since you're in Indiana too: I've got a pair of guys in Bloomington that I'm having custom make me a Cats shirt. Have you seen those retro v-neck shirts the Cats are selling online? I dig the shirts, but I hate that distressed look, and I'm not sure I'm a big fan of v-necks anyway. I'm taking that classic Cats shield logo (80's one) and having them print me off a shirt (probably navy). I contacted a guy on BF that has done a website of classic AFL/VFL logos. He is from Canada, and he wants one too. Instead of paying $70 for a t-shirt, these guys have custom made me a shirt for $12 (XL) before, and they ship for free in the state of Indiana. If you want one, let me know and I'll get your info and they can email you for payment and email you a mock of the shirt.
    Of all days...Saturday is awful for me this weekend. Figures. Speaking of Saturday night/Sunday morning, Pies/Dogs on ESPN2 this week if you didn't know. Saw the Cats are on ESPN2 Memorial Day weekend v Gold Coast. First game v Gaz.

    We just moved here in November. Any recommendations on AFL bars? I just Googled Santorini's, and the reviews there are insanely great. I'll have to keep that in mind.

    Did you grow up in Geelong or your dad? We used to go kick back in the late 80's with the guys too, especially after training. Of course, most people went nuts over Ablett, and you could probably have stood there for hours before getting a kick in with him, but (and this is a great reflection on 80's VFL/AFL), Barry Stoneham was our garbage man, and I would go kick with him. I think he only did the garbage gig part-time in the offseason to make a few extra bucks, but he was unmistakable, like Ling's hair, you know?
    No kidding? I'm in Bloomington/Indy. Girlfriend works downtown in Indy at WISH. Lived in Geelong for awhile as a kid, so grew up a Cats fan.
    hi... got PR last year, so been settling in, how about you?
    yeah, went to the white sox last year and hope to see the cubbies at some point this year too... i guess indy doesn't have an mlb club
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