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    Expansion 3rd Western Australian club

    Bring on South Port Sarks! Imagine the rivalry on the coast
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    TAS Tassie... happening?

    Yeah... and it’s not going to happen. No way the AFL are getting rid of the GC (do some research, they’ve made huge amounts of progress of the field) and Tasmania would never embrace an old Vic club. So it’s either a new club or nothing, no alternative scenario.
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    The AFL wants 22 teams. Name your next four.

    The Rams, representin regions: R iverina A CT M irrumbidgee S outh Sydney Like in the under 18’s comp.
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    TAS Tassie... happening?

    Seriously can people stop suggesting Gold Coast and North for relocation... it’s not going to happen. I’ve been watching Hawthorn play games in Launceston for years and will continue to go and watch them play against a Tasmania team in the future. People are kidding themselves if they think Vic...
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    Super Rugby Sunwolves axed from super rugby

    It really is...
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    Expansion Giants Stadium

    Yeah I don’t know about that. I remember hearing an interview with the giants CEO where he spoke about their long term commitment to Canberra which included more home games, the possibility of finals and some pretty big financial investments around Manuka Oval
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    Super Rugby Sunwolves axed from super rugby

    interesting times ahead...
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    Cairns Expansion Watch

    Yeah I’m really not sure, there’s definitely the support for a neafl side. I heard on the radio a few years ago that they were just deciding wether to base a NQ team in Cairns or Townsville... looks like they went with neither in the end
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    Cairns Expansion Watch

    Potential for a Cairns team in the NTFL
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    Play Nice AFL Womens - General Discussion

    Didn’t get a chance to check unfortunately, I’ll post when I do. The replays work at least
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    Play Nice AFL Womens - General Discussion

    Hmmmm.... yeah, I’ll try again next round and see what happens
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    Play Nice AFL Womens - General Discussion

    Sorry I’m not sure if this is the correct thread but I thought every game would be live and free on the app? Im was trying to watch live from overseas but couldn’t get access.
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    Clarkson- will he leave the Hawks?

    Gavin Excell- Will he forget the hawks? Considered the worst troll on bigfooty His threads are say so - will he abandon the Hawthorn obsession and take up offers on bay13 for potential success?
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    A Third Team In Sydney - It's Only a Matter Of Time !!

    Yeah I agree, that’s why I said next 30 years. I think the Swans are doing a pretty good job North of the harbour as it, they’ve had a pretty big presence there ever since North Sydney Bears were dropped from first grade.
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    Mars Stadium Ballarat

    West Vic Bulldogs maybe?... nothing really works well, West Vic-Footscray?
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