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  • spanks kid! merry christmas to you too! and CONGRATSSSSSSSS!! must feel so good to finally have it!! i've been good thanks, i'm on holidays for a little bit which is awesome, how bout you?
    haha lazy bones! it was pretty cool! wasn't happy with no lids, cuz or nahas, but what can you do! only stayed til about 12 but it was good to see them all again, getting worked hard ahah suck.
    hahaha that's pretty funny though haha. yay early xmas present!! you will have so much freedom! yeah i gotta go into work first for some training thingo on a new office machine haha so hopefully it doesn't take long!! only up the road anyways, can't wait to sees me some real life benny again :p
    HAHAHA ahhhh how awkward! :p are you going tomorrow? don't think you'll get sunburnt haha the weather is going to be poo.
    Oh yeah he better get 300! And I don't think he's that far off breaking the marks record either?? Not sure. Really haha I have never met a bad Saints supporter! They're all so humble IMO. That rivalry is pretty sweet haha I hate the Pies and Bombers!!! Today is my day off Uni so I'll probably stay in my pjs all day watching telly haha.. what a life. What about you?
    Nahh I'm 20, at Uni. What about you? Ahhh ya gotta hate the waiting game! What job was the interview for? Good luck! Hehe I didn't get my license til I was almost 19 so I know what it's like ;) Nothing much is going on with me.. trying to feed my footy addiction in every way possible but failing hardcore.. ignoring the upcoming exams.. etc etc :p
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    Hey mate
    do u hav a link to the video of 3 seconds of fame
    on myspace
    i added u jimmyboy!!
    look whom we have here :P news for ya the day we play freo preseason . Madtiger is having a bbq at his house for the big game :) see u there. hope ur having a good weekend.
    Go on now!!!!!
    Go to the Tiger Sanctuary and look inthe Lids thread!!!!!!!!!'
    Do it u will laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think richo is funny , as much as we opposition supporters do give him crap for his emotion i actually like seeing him show his passion for his team have said hi to him twice now once at a tiger training session [ i was in my hawk gear ] he was quiet then said hi the next was in tassie he saw me and kept watching me [ i was chatting ] then i went to go just before i did wished him well for his hand he said thanks [ i think he remembered me from first time as it was same year but was not that far apart from the two sightings ]

    he is ok :-)
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