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  • "30. You beleive there is nothing wrong with replacing th with f at the start of words and to say "fanks for me new fongs" is a normal sentence in every respect."

    Hahaha Never thought of Tank Scooter and Peddy as bogans before this
    Haha nice one. I really gotta limit my Bay 13 too.

    Yeah that sucks mate. A lot depends on how the team they are playing for is traveling and if you ivest too much into players from one side that can happen.... But who'd have thought it with the Doggies hey.

    Yeah FFC is just a private forum trying to help each other out and get good results talking DT and SC. All good blokes on there. Top ranked leagues at the moment. I put your name forward on there suggesting to get you on board koz I know ur a good bloke and love your DT and a few others agreed. The only reason I can think you didn't get an invite is maybe ur already part of another private forum or something maybe?
    Haha, yeah thought it was you. Seen ya on there a bit. Anyways cheers for the backup mate :thumbsu:. I go on there to check the scores a bit and seeing all the trash that gets posted there is so annoying sometimes ya just gotta log in and have a crack at some of those clowns. I guess that's just the old Bay 13 mode kicking in.

    Not bad. Should start pegging your way up a bit I reckon. A few of the higher ranked dudes have probably burnt a lot of trades and might start dropping off later in the year.... Well that's what I'm hoping ;)

    I'm actually sitting 778th at the moment but made a joint team with my wife aswell as I had too many leagues to be in and that teams ranked 406. Amazing the difference just a couple of different players and not even trying with a team make lol. Hey did you ever get an invite to that FFC forum?
    Hey mate how are ya? Hey is that 'Thorgils' on Fanfooty chat you? Hows your DT side going anyway champ? What ya ranked at the moment?
    Lets see mate a Former Roo ruckman who now lives in Roxby might have been the runner for you under 18 side back in 1999
    haha thanks mate, was a bit of fun!! Hopefully we can put it together in the real thing and get one up on them!

    Hope your side is shaping up alright matey.
    Hey champ need the Division 2 Results from last year & you'll be in Division 1 aswell i think so put ya name down thread in Musturd Pot cheers Noosa
    Haha yeah I know what it's like. Been pretty flat out with work myself coming up to Christmas and all. What type of work you do for you to be on call for mate?
    Yeah we're heading over to Geelong over Xmas actually (I live in Adelaide). Just going over there for a week or so for the wife to spend a bit of time with her rellies there. Never been there before myself though so should be cool. What bout you mate. Got much planned yourself?

    Yeah been around the Bay a bit more lately. It will be good to see you round there again aswell mate!
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