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  • I read how ridiculous these Novak v Rafa s**t fights are and wonder Thrawny did we look as equally ridiculous to observers in our Rafa v Federer s**t fest a few years back 🤔
    Nah, no way. Novak vs Rafa fights are a tier above... at least Fed vs Rafa talked about the finer points of their gamestyle more often than not.
    And we always behave rationally and with respect when quoting each other. Can't recall us ever resorting to outright trolling
    What did you think of episode 7 man.

    I must admit (although a massive step up from 1-3) I was a little disappointed in the script
    /end rant
    Oh yeah, the score was disappointing. Nothing "jumped" out at me, but it could very well just be the pace of the movie and it not being used as much (or as long) as it should. With Rey though, probably setting her up as Luke's daughter and thus has a lot of potential. Kylo Ren did have a gut would, and seems to be still training (and is too reckless).
    And yeah, saw Han's death coming a mile away. Though I'm not sure how else they would have approached it. Maybe going down in a blaze of glory? They needed something for Ben to "transit" to the dark side finally.
    Three separate threads where you have replied to my post with a picture of M&Ms.

    I don't get it. And I suspect that you don't get it either.
    Let's just say that the MSM sometimes makes me hungry and can be a bit nutty sometimes. =)
    Hope you're right tho... I hope we smash the s**t out of them. Mick needs to prove a point stronger than last year's Elim final. Buckley... aaahaha.
    Mate I am sure of it.
    Buckley is a s**t bloke. The guys who work downstairs from me are close friends with Heath Shaw, Didak and Thomas.
    I used to see them come in all the time and they told us how s**t Buckley was and that he isolated anyone who questioned him. When Daisy hurt his ankle Buckley basically never spoke to him again until he was given a ridiculous offer and hence went to Mick.
    Watch them fail epically.
    Thrawny just watched Man of Steel.

    Absolutely epic mate.

    The Batman Begins of Batman.

    Superman Returns was truly horrible but if it helped inspire this masterpiece then it was worth it.
    Thrawny the quality is really bad but the positive is there seems to be zero infractions although after what I have done tonight I would be stunned if I didn't have some sort of holiday... lol

    Love you man - the rest of Bigfooty if pathetic...
    You are sooooo right ... I couldn't believe how the umpire called that 3 pointer, and then to call the goal, 'all clear' when it was clearly a poster...

    I said at the time to my friends that it was one of the most blatent acts of cheating we had ever seen ...

    I am so glad you won because I am not sure how I would have reconciled the game if you had lost...
    Go the Hawks !!!

    We punished them Thrawny...

    You would have been proud...
    We will smack the Pies, and send them on their way out of the top 4.

    Oh man if they finish 5th and play you in the first week of the finals I will be so happy for you.

    Imagine if you made it and booted them out...hahahaha
    You're the best btw - I saw you sticking it to your moron supporters ...
    4 weeks is pretty lenient though, now it's time for Carlton to win without him and get a fresh Captain back for finals...
    Thrawny I really do feel for you man...

    Even though your fellow supporters are for the most part - absolute muppets - I wish for your sake your Blues pick themselves off the canvas and make finals ...
    Hey Thrawny - apologies about your footy team man...

    What on Earth was Judd thinking though?

    I am just struggling to understand?

    Hope you've been well...
    Sorry Thrawny - you must be tearing your hair out.

    You guys will come good.

    We had a bad few games and look at us now. It is a long season.

    Must say though I have never been a Gibbs fan, but you must be going nuts watching him atm.
    Can you imagine if he hurt either of our dogs man.

    Oh boy!!! One of us would be bailing the other one out of prison.
    I reckon they an over rated bunch of wannabes as well.

    You were absolutely robbed in the final last year, thinking about it annoys me so much - still!!!

    I think we will beat them. We have played Collingwood, then Geelong, Adelaide and now them over there. We don't need a pussy draw, we are hardened and ready to whip them. Even if we get the typical 5 goal umpiring wind against us, I think we can still do it.

    Thanks Thrawny :)
    Hey watch the replay after this goal.

    In particular watch Harry O.

    Nothing short of bizarre.

    Youtube gKYJnEXz9-I
    Ps I have been giving them that much s**t on here, have been in tears with laughter since last night.

    Worst supporters, s**t club, w***er players...

    Great work Thrawny - am pumped.
    Hahahahahahahahahaha that is hilarious ...

    I remember when Murphy did that, Joffa stood up and acted like the tool he is...

    What a great game to watch ... Was so happy for you.
    Thrawny we gotta meet up for a drink at a game sometime. Would have been awesome tonight watching the Hawks get up.

    I am not sure who would have enjoyed it more though. Me for the Hawks win, or you watching the Pies lose.

    Umps favoured the Pies again, but we rotated well and spanked them when it mattered.

    Well done on the win last night. The AFL have got to do something about your bye in the season opener though.
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