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  • slaving 40 hours a week to buy the latest gadgets which you never get time to use just seems crazy to me. so i simplified everything in my life, paid out all my contracts and aimed to work 2-3 days a week and enjoy the simpler things in life and not take them for granted (eg. i cancelled my gym membership and now go for a jog around the park and simply do push-ups, chin-ups etc to keep in shape).
    it's amazing how much happiness you can draw from the simple things in life when you're not bowing to society's pressures of keep up with the latest vogues.
    i admit that my lifestyle isn't for everybody but i'm the happiest i've ever been...
    sure thing:
    i was working in the job services sector; i started out just doing data entry for the finance department of this company and within 12 months moved my way up into middle management overseeing the indigenous employment services arm (i don't identify as an indigenous australian).
    the job was not without it's perks, as i mentioned in the thread, and it was rewarding assisting disadvantaged indigenous kids plus i met some pretty amazing and inspiring people; the problem was that i was dealing less and less "on the ground" and more with the government departments, tendering for funding for new programs, marketing etc.
    after a while i came to the realization that, while i was good at it, white collar, 9-5 work just wasn't for me. i wanted to be outside working with my hands.
    Hey dude, I loved your story in the 'why do we bother working' thread and would be interested to hear more about it if you would be so kind as to go into more detail, such as what job your were working previously, how long you had hated it, etc. Cheers in advance for anything more you can add.
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