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  • Hey mate how you going?, you got facebook? if so add me mate the name is Jarrod Kurpiel, you going to the next big bash game on the 15th?
    Yeah i am going to mate ;) might see you down there at the 20/20's, haha nice but i thought he got a 24 hr ban :p
    lol we'll see - give me some pointers for this noobs interview i've got coming up with Boncer, I need some info on who's looking the goods before I can publish it as my own thoughts.
    I did/do but i have deactivated it for a variety of reasons. I will get it back on in a couple of months time though and i'll let you know about it
    lol mate we have these things at our school called 'slave auctions' where people bid on year 12s to make them their slave for the day, and the money raised becomes the formal afterparty bar tab every year. Needless to say, there are some pictures there no1 should see:D
    Nah not that I know of or am signed up to. Yeah I have it, but facebook and bigfooty stay separate:D
    Yeah mate it's F***ed on mine i don't know whats going on thats alright mate and yeah ive been good
    Hey Timmy, I hope you're enjoying the Bombers. Now, the Dragons would like some pre/post-season practice, and I see you're doing a tournament with the Dee's. Now, if you want some real competition, how about including the Dragons in this tournament? I haven't asked LJ, but I reckon that some matches would be really helpful to keep interest up (and I reckon nearly all the Dragons want to smash you! lol) So how about it?
    hey mate, all the awards are the weekend after Grand Final

    You can write an article now, might just want to send it to Sausageroll before you post it or get a quote from him/other prominent Bombers for it.
    Mine go on sale tomorrow.

    A reserved seat for you is like $150 and a standing room ticket for you is like $95.
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