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  • Hey mate, you seem to be into the recruiting scene, Can you sign up for the superdraft? We need one more player :). Thanks
    Hi Marcus,
    I expect you've heard about some of us getting ejected/defecting from FISO.
    Well, there's a long story behind it all - most of which I understand is not being reported correctly there. However we have now created our own super-duper forum here http://www.forumsport.co.uk/
    and would love to invite you on board.
    One of our main issues was freedom of speech and the lack of it. Power hungry moderators were exercising too much censorship and admin was doing little to correct them. Basically, it had become a place of 'NO FUN' and what's life if you can't have a laugh?
    Anyway, we've got a number of likeminded fed-up ex-Fisoers there already and the usual FPL and AFL DT/Supercoach etc. games and threads. And as one of the keenest eyes in fantasy sports, we hope you'll join us for a persecution-free experience akin to a breath of fresh air. :-)
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