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    Hill Bros: Stephen Signed/Bradley wants out

    Can’t wait for him and Langdon to be replaced by skinny 18 year olds The draft is such a lottery
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    2019 3rd Ashes Test 22-27 August Headingley

    Insane viewing
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    TV Australian Survivor - Part 2

    Shaun has been a massive part of this season , will be missed
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    Autopsy Rd 20 - Dockers smash Sth Freo Cats by 34

    Yeah Hughes was crazy good today was so clean
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    Autopsy Pies win one for the ages!!

    Sorry to intrude . After some of the most depressing few weeks I can remember supporting freo thanks for bringing a bit of joy back to footy by beating those arrogant fu**s. It’s hell over here
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    Preview Round 16: Changes vs Eagles + Pre-match Discussion (DERBY TIME)

    Bring back tabs on one leg. Would still make more of a contest than cox
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    Injuries 2019

    Yeah due to the one less tall in the team , if tabs was fit he’d be playing Cox’s role atm We were playing the three talls up front until tabs went out and was replaced with a small
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    Review Freo downs Pie, 6-5 before Bye

    Yewwwwwww King is such a ******* flog
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    Analysis The Matt Taberner effect

    Out for season. Again. Actually such a bummer for him. With all his flaws he is such good fun to watch with his massive marks and making the easy seem hard . Really was developing some consistency though.
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    Prediction Round 10: Changes Vs Brisbane Lions

    Just watch the game man . He is talented but tonight was not a good look, will be very suprised if he is not dropped He will be back though
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    Autopsy Fremantle lose to Essendon at first ever outing at superhero stadium

    Tabs did some good stuff but wasn’t getting possessions in dangerous positions. Cox was incredibly bad, we should drop him and see how Jesse/tabs/Lobb go with more room to move
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    Prediction Round 10: Changes Vs Brisbane Lions

    Hahahah spot on

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