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  • Hey mate, I was going through an old TAR thread and was wondering if you still have the game? I have been looking for a while and cant find it/cant get it working anywhere. My email is would be great if you could send it!
    Yeh c'mon man, if the whole board agrees on something it must be right, you idiot

    Btw Priddis is ****
    It was when the foo fighters were here and he mentioned that he was backstage, and I said "and you're tweeting? #disgrace" meaning to say why the hell are you wasting time tweeting when your backstage at the foo fighters, and he thought i was saying stop bragging jackass.
    I can only imagine the feeling, I've tried for the Shue but never got it. Best I've got is an angry reply from Schoey because he misinterpreted My tweet and thought I was a jerk.
    Sadly I have no way of replying to your insightful post other than here.

    When did I say they cost us the game?

    That was the worst display of umpiring I think I've ever seen, but we still would have lost regardless.

    But thanks for your concern.
    Yeh, I know

    Not often we get a game before the rest of country, but here I am playing AFL 2004 while all you guys are still waiting
    I only bought it so that some 12 year olds on bigfooty would have something to do over the weekend.

    Love it so far, its not a great game, but its a great AFL game if you know what I mean
    His armband lied, he was no red, Torres, Torres,
    He's just a rentboy like they said, Torres, Torres,
    Into our backs he plunged his knife,
    I hope John Terry shags his wife,
    Fernando Torres, is a piece of ****e.
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