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    Game Day Round 1 - Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane Lions

    Possible worst case scenario team if Wood and Cooney dont get up. B. Brett GOODES (McGrath), Dale MORRIS (Brown), Jordan ROUGHEAD (Martin) HB. Jason JOHANNISEN (Zorko), Tom YOUNG (Cornelius), Daniel CROSS (Bewick) C. Liam PICKEN (Rockliff), Nick LOWER (Rich), Ryan GRIFFEN (Raines) HF...
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    2012 List Management - Drafts, Trading and Delistings

    Just read that Tom Hill got delisted. Is anyone able to confirm this as there has been no official statement from the club.
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    Match Day vs North Rd 7

    I love the intensity just gotta maintain the scoreboard pressure.... Love that the North supporters sitting around us think they have been hard done by... please..... makes me sick.
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    Match Day vs North Rd 7

    very cheap from wells then considering he hasnt touched it.
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    Match Day vs North Rd 7

    Why do we always get that bloody Nicholls? no understanding of the game at all.
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    Williamstown vs South Adelaide (Saturday 11:05am, MCG) (Foxtel Cup)

    Down by 3 points at half time: The story so far: Roberts - Getting well beaten by Andrew AINGER. Mulligan - One turnover but has won the one on one battle thus far with WUNDKE (who won the SANFL goalkicking last year). Hooper - Playing down back and entrusted with the kick outs. Has...
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    Our Dysfunctional Forward Line

    Galea has been fantastic at Port Melbourne and by far one of the most damaging forwards in the VFL at present. GALEA believe it or not was always on the outer when playing at Willi under Gotchy. I know there were issues with his attitutde and work rate. Seems to have turned it around. He...
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    Opinion Changes v Hawthorn

    Ive watched Casey a couple of times this year and have been very impressed with Tommy Couch. Any chance of coming in this week?
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    Round 7 Vs Kangaroos - Selector's Table

    In- Grant Out Wood (inj) EMERG - Cordy, Dickson, C.Smith Just on a side note thoughts go out to Jarrad Boumann who after playing Saturday night spent the rest of the night in hospital and all day yesterday. Will have surgery today to have his appendix removed and will probably miss a...
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    Preview Hawthorn vs Melbourne - changes & discussion & stuff like that

    Boumann will be a definate out for you guys regardless of form. Spent all of yesterday in hospital and will have surgery today to have his appendix removed. Wishing him all the best with his recovery, I'd imagine its at least a 3-4 week lay off.
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    Williamstown vs Port Melbourne (Saturday 5th May North Port Oval at 1:10 PM) (Televised)

    Thought Dickson made the most of limited opportunities. Used the ball pretty well given the conditions. Like many others around him just unable to string together four quarters. 6/10.
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    Round 6 v Hawthorn @ MCG (Our home game)

    I thought you guys really but up a good fight. I have adopted the Saints as my wife's family are all avid supporters, so I end up tagging along to most games. I thought Blake was serviceable in the ruck and really worked hard. The loss of Fisher really hurt and made a massive difference...
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    Williamstown vs Port Melbourne (Saturday 5th May North Port Oval at 1:10 PM) (Televised)

    Player Review: Clay Smith - In and out of the game, hard at the contest. Disposal was questionable and but could not work into the game. More serviceable than others and tried to spice things up but had little to no support in the midfield. 5/10 Jason Tutt - Still looks slightly underdone...
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    Williamstown vs Port Melbourne (Saturday 5th May North Port Oval at 1:10 PM) (Televised)

    What do you base this on? As I mentioned earlier there were plenty worse. Internally they were happy with his game. Panos was terrible redpath was terrible moles turned it over countlessly. Talk about having a scape goat.
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    Williamstown vs Port Melbourne (Saturday 5th May North Port Oval at 1:10 PM) (Televised)

    There were plenty worse than Mulligan today. Galea kicked two whilst opposed to him, one was when Jolley zoned back and the other was not from a marking contest. He then went onto Burstin half way through the third and kept him goalless.