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  • Well, back in the day of trying to pick a side, Leeds had a lot of Australian players (Kewell, Viduka, Burns & Milosevic). However, I remember taking notice of a team called Fulham who were blitzing the lower leagues. When Optus were showing the old Division One (now championship) highlights, i became mesmerised by Fulham's play under Tigana.

    I was hooked, now it's in my blood as much as St Kilda.

    We're doing well this season mate, solid win over United the other week, now let's take Liverpool!!
    I'll just copy and paste my response to pat, save me time :p

    My story is a bit different to most, though I guess everyone's got their unique story

    I used to play FIFA 2000 on the PS2 when it first came out. And I would play as Man United, which back then had the Cole, Yorke Combination. Before I got into soccer, as nearly everyone is, I was a United fan. However once I developed an interest in the EPL I wanted my own team, not just the generic side that every man and his dog does for. I loved Andy Cole in FIFA and at that time Andy Cole was Fulham's main man, plus I liked the look of the club so it was only natural that I became a Fulham supporter :)

    How about yourself?
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