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  • Given up?? haha i am not an adelaide supporter Jacky boy, just been busy doing stuff ;) i am a platinum member and will always be a platinum member ;) off you go to the finals to choke :)
    31k lol@u ...ouch.. 50k members and 10 year waiting list :D give it time, you will be around 25k soon :D
    for sure , lets see how the conglomerates go against the magpies ;) its only round 1 stop jerking off and get back to knitting lol
    Too be honest, I couldn't give rats ass what you think of my posts. Should I send you and some the other soft c*cks on this board a list of my upcoming intended posts so you can vet them. Get a grip. Its a football forum but is fast becoming a forum full of yes men.

    You think after 5 ordinary finals performances in a row, questions would be asked.
    lmao@douglas, clang berlo, chris "i cant kick"knights, patty "1.4" dangerfield and far as the rest goes...LMAOOOOOO...Even your own supporters bag the hell out of knights, vb, douglas.And oh...mckay is already a superstar isnt it??? well what you expect from the crows, been rebuilding for a decade now and looks like AFC boys club will continue to rebuild for another decade :D .Atleast our midfield kicked your arse a few weeks ago, junktime goals made it look decent :eek: Boak, hartlett > clang berlo, douglas. and oh tredders >>>>> dippett+walkkaaaaa

    P.S You didnt answer my question, how would you know i am a troll on bay13? i didnt post there for well over a year now and u joined a few months ago only.Hmmmm? jacky boy??
    oh btw, considered you have joined pretty recently, how would u know i am a troll and i used to post on bay 13?? hmmm the plot thickens :D
    well considering we have a weak forward line, your so called "superstars" failed to kick more goals than a "washed up hack" as you guys would call him, combined.What does that has to say about ur forward line? we have trengrove and westhoff, who are still unknown material, but eagles won a priermiship without a superstar whats your point?

    I see you didnt answer my question, who will replace your fav 3? van berlo? LMAO, Knights? ROFL. You have dangerfield yeah, he has potential, but his kicking is still wayward and as for the rest........well no comments :D
    we have plenty of young guys coming up, broadbent, hartlett, thomas, stewart who are all good.Forward line might be a worry, but tredders has a good 2 years left in him.Who will replace goody, macca , edwards? and please dont say chris knights.You have a sh*t ruck division too, griffin lmao, maric lol..with WALLKAAA up front i am sure you are in premiership mode this year too and oh did i mention tippett? LMAO..Tredders 29 goals >>> Tipett and Walkkkaaa 26 goals :D
    That team of shits kicked your camry carparker arse 2 weeks, found the never pavlich havent you?? lol Ladder biatch. :thumbsu:
    how did you know i made it? :p

    probably not mate, i used to get the clips from the afl website and now they don't have em anymore... i'm sure someone will make one at the end of his career though.
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