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    Its time to go Trigg!!!!

    Hasn't stopped him in the past. I would have thought 14 yrs without a grand final and a slow decline in our off-field standing would be enough to bring in new blood, but apparently not lol. I think ppl forget how good the club could be if excited its supporters, the afc literally has 90% of...
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    hard to know what is gayer this or facebook

    hard to know what is gayer this or facebook
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    Push to boost Magpie army to 150,000

    lol will probably happen
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    Showdown XXXII - The most important Showdown for our club in 7 years

    I think this game lost its appeal when choco williams left the powa, i much rather beat a top 4 victorian side these days. Our club trying to pump it up into something it's not is just sort of sad.
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    Good, Bad and Ugly

    Has something to offer imo but reckon he's more a 2nd target than a 3rd just need to stick with him.
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    Good, Bad and Ugly

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    Matt Rendell situation thread # 4

    lol good stuff:thumbsu:
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    Matt Rendell situation thread #3

    What a fool misfud is, it just highlights that twrigggy didn't stand up for our end when he had to.
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    Is it too soon to say i told you so?

    I'm not sure how you get that a instant up turn would reflect well on craig. That would reflect poorly on him and if sando manages to develop our players into something down the track craig isn't responsible for that either, because most had stopped developing under craig.
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    Opinion What does the Adelaide Football Club stand for?

    Apart from when blight came in and did things his way i don't think our club has had any real idea on how to be successful.
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    demetriou, too big for the game

    lol at the good friday connection :D Everyone knows what you're really pissed about.
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    Vale Gentleman Jim - Pay your respects in this thread

    Re: Vale Gentleman Jim - Post your condolences in this thread I've never understood the point of adding condolences on a message board, but RIP seemed a nice bloke.
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    Mega Thread Matt Rendell situation thread #2

    Someone needs to get a "Sack Trigg" banner going at ammi
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    Mega Thread Matt Rendell situation thread #2

    Is anyone really surprised? Trigg has been screwing the club for years. The brand didn’t matter too much when it was Trigg calling the supporters pathetic.
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    Dwayne Russell, clueless idiot.

    Think it's mostly his brain rather than his voice. Not many of the current lot have great commentary voices.