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  • i answered on my wall so maybe you didn't see it.......

    I have been quite good actually... what about you? are you still in tassie? What is the latest? I hope you're doing some writing - write a blog, i'll read it.... I recall you, funky and i starting a blog many years ago :)
    Valentino Dmitri
    Valentino Dmitri
    haha I remember the Nickipedia blog! we should have kept at it!

    Glad to hear you're going good!

    yeah still in Tassie, don't really write much, keep meaning to but always find excuses not to. Not even good excuses, like spending the night watching cartoons or some sh*t.
    Hey Val,

    Great to hear from you.

    I'm not sure who the old tlc consists of but i'm pretty sure that i don't catch up with them.
    How do you spend your time if you don't drink? I understand not wanting a hangover, they suck.

    Yes I'm still in Melbourne. I don't have housemates either and I agree with you that this is the way forward.

    I'm still in IT but working for a university now which makes for a nice change.

    Anyway, take care and i look forward to more chats :)
    Hello Valentino,

    How are you going?
    Long time no speak.
    Have you finished your degree? What are you up to these days?
    so many questions.
    have a great day
    haha, yeah, I have nothing to add to the sort of high-brow debates that you get involved with on here. I only logged on to check out how many posts a few people had and then I saw that you could add buddies.
    Btw, craig starcevich's son will suit up for the pies in a couple of years. Gun!
    I've been sick Val. Sick of it. And i haven't even been over to that new TLC since about a month after its creation. Looks like an extremely pale imitation to me. I bet Nyugen Von Phoc doesn't post there.
    my favourite from that album is 'the long walk' - give it a listen, very beautiful (i'm listening to it now)
    from the jim white album is 'how will you love me'
    i've been listening to nina alot lately and i remember you commenting on 'dogs life' saying it was very clever... i just wanted to know if you saw something i didn't... great song
    Hahah, I love you Jakey; I would wear a Crows guernsey if we ever hooked up, I think you'd appreciate that?
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