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  • Just for something different, I'm putting your draft notification on here. Surprise!!
    You're so lucky to have been there. Yeah what a ride it's been. As a 15 year old making her Fed Cup debut, Wimbledon Quarters and Semis as a teenager, she's always been an amazing talent and it's so good to have her back. What a true fighter she is. :thumbsu: I was in Melbourne from Sunday-Saturday, we should've caught up. :cool:
    Hey mate.
    Haha, sure did! Been a big fan of this kid so went straight on google images ;)

    Yeah Merv lifted the ban yesterday because he knew how much a love it. Great guy :)

    But yeah since this is my first draft I was pretty nervous when they started, but when they said 'Pick 10m Adelaide' I was off my chair jumping thinking they would grab Trengove. But yeah it was a great experiance, cant wait for it next year when hopefully I follow the VFL/SANFL/WANFL more.

    Happy with the pickups? Are you a fan of Will Young?
    Trengove bandwaggon :eek::thumbsu:

    No way you dropped Sidebottom, you were on him for nearly the whole year!

    Haha, I desperatly want Trengove :)
    Haha, thats cool then.

    Yeah I rate Smith top 20 too, I wish we could get him with our 2nd rounder.

    Haha, yeah true. Alot of people think I have only seen players from youtube, which kinda sucks because I have seen all of them play.. but only about 2-3 times :eek:
    Ill get more into it next year.

    Just one more question.. James Strauss. Hes a midfielder type player is he?
    I like NicNat but I rate Vickery higher.. because NicNat isnt that good at reading the play well.
    Do you rate Ash Smith high?

    Sorry if im bothering you, you just know heaps and your an awesome guy and you help me because I dont know that much :p
    Oh I see. Thats a pretty smart idea.
    Haha, Sidebottom at 3! Wow thats.. unusual :p
    NicNat falling?

    Yeah I had school, and it was alright. Thursdays are pretty good as we have bludge lessons. One of my best mates said he would set me up with my crush so im like SOOO HAPPY haha.
    And yeah, I went to a friends house after school and watched the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Facotry (she has nothing to watch :p) but we were drooling over Johnnie Depp!

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