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  • Hey Mark

    Warmer weather my eye, it is raining cats and dogs outside and extremely chilly! Yes I am almost completely over my flu, still tiring very easily which suggests I am not yet completely over it! Looking forward to watching the game on TV saturday night, sure hope we win! I was so angry and disappointed with last weeks effort!
    Hi Viccles,

    I hope you're feeling better and drank lots of soup, even though I imagine it'd be annoying up in the warmish weather. Are you on the mend?
    Hi Viccs.

    How are things in the warmer state? :eek:

    You could currently use my hands to chop wood they're that cold!

    Did you go to the game last weekend?

    Hope everything is well and you're keeping safe.

    Btw, what about our man Todd!?
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