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    Analysis 2021 draft thread

    As the president of the bandwagon.... who's with me now :)
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    Analysis 2021 draft thread

    Am i missing something.... from what i see Wilmot looks good enough for me. Not every player needs to have an X factor - we have quite a few of them. He reads the ball well in the air, attacks it like he wants it and doesn't seem to be rushed or panicked If we pick him - I will start the...
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    Non-Lions discussion 2021

    did i ever leave :)
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    Brisbane Bears club song

    Gee its nice to hear a team sing a song rather that fast talk it!
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    Rumour Neale-y premiership time! (was: Neale before the Lions!)

    Well technically its not a point...…it's an apostrophe with an e actually.... :)
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    We need to talk about Oscar

    So the three dropped marks 15 metres out on Saturday where he was the only one with hands on the ball isn't an issue - he takes one of them and we may be still in it. For someone who often says he is working on his craft - well he needs to work harder.
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    We need to talk about Oscar

    Oscar was good in the ruck last night against the worst ruck combo in the league. For me it is his inability to take strong marks in the contest at critical times - this frustrates me no end! He dropped 5 or 6 marks last night in crucial places around the ground where he had his hands all over...
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    List Mgmt. OOC 2021, who is playing for their careers 2021 edition?

    I'm not sure its even his bombing for me (which he does far too often) - i feel we need some change in that area of the ground..... Robbo has been great but im looking forward to what evolves over this preseason in that role and if Robbo is still the one then I'm ok with that too but i want to...
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    Non-Lions discussion 2021

    I think the issue is it looks like he walks straight at him from a distance and could have taken a side step along the way and never deviates to me that shows intention.
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    Review Qualifying Final 1, 2021 - Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions

    I feel this midfield can’t stand up to high pressure and fast paced finals and it’s proving it. I would like to see the new crop next year, more pace and bigger size and more opportunities given . We need a plan B and I can’t see it. Zorko and Lyons disappointing. Neale can hold his head high 46...
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    Game Day Qualifying Final 1, 2021 - Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions

    Exposed for lack of pace in the midfield and half back line. So lucky we are not 10 goals down!
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    We need to talk about Oscar

    I’ve been thinking this for a while now. He is beaten way too many times and those 4 frees ( I think) in a few minutes last night were so frustrating. I actually think him moving into ruck full time has shown some really talent deficiencies. Happy to be proven wrong but will always be a very...
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    Review Round 18, 2021 - Richmond vs. Brisbane Lions

    We really need another ruck. The backline with Lester and Birchall is way too slow! Would also be nice to see Neale and Lyons get in the back half once and a while to. just too many passengers for far too long on our games lately!
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    Review Round 15, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Geelong

    must have a......
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Watch

    oh but can you imagine him streaming out of the backline, and the crowd goes up as one singing Sweet