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  • Hi mate,
    Me and a couple of mates have been in a cash league the last couple of years that is no longer going and we're looking for a new one. How many spots do you have left?
    Hi man

    I see you hold the record in the SFA Fantasy Footy League for playing at five different clubs. Ever consider making it 6 and making a comeback to play with the East Side Hawks? We're just embarking on a finals series and new posters would be handy.

    That sounds like good trades mate... I'm going to downgrade Shuey to Gysberts this week. I genuinely think that he can play as a 6th midfielder. I think he can average 85+ but if he doesn't I have Hitchcock and Stevenson who I can downgrade in a few weeks to complete my final upgrade. I have 7 trades left because I haven't taken short cuts with my upgrading. My upgrades have been Swan, Gilbert, Chapman, Goodes, Sylvia and Fisher so all have performed except for Sylvia who i bought at full price after he'd brought out his two hundreds! grr...
    ahh... just remembered you don't have Fisher :p
    Gilbert got just below his average so he did fine.
    Had a horrible, horrible start to the season and am back at 15,000th... but my team now is looking very good so I'd quite like to get top 5,000 even possibly top 2,000 if I'm lucky.

    7 trades left... 48k, one upgrade to go.

    B: Goddard, Hodge, Gilbert, Enright, Mackie, Fisher, Harbrow
    (Hams, Roberton)
    C: Swan, Bartel, Selwood, Watson, Stevenson
    (Shuey, McNeil)
    R: Sandi, Clark
    (Warnock, McCauley)
    F: Chapman, Goodes, O'Keefe, Gia, Brown, Sylvia, Pods
    (Hitchcock, D. Stewart)

    So my team is looking good, but I'm hoping I can eventually upgrade Stevenson to a Montagna/Boyd type player.
    How are you fairing?
    We both would have had a solid start last night with Gilbert and Fisher... I had Goddard captain :D
    Well so far Gilbert and Fisher have scored about the same so because of the price differential... I'm winning :p
    I actually brought in Gilbert this week for Silvagni!
    Decided to go with Kennelly to Fisher while I read you went with Kennelly to Gilbert so at the end of the year we'll come back and see which option was better :p
    All the best,
    Hey Mate

    Just wondering if you want to commit to the Gumbies for next season? Im trying to keep as much of the squad together as possible! If you want to then post in the GG thread letting us know that you commit for another season!


    GG Captain

    P.S - Youve been in great form the past few weeks :thumbsu:

    GO GUMBIES!!! :thumbsu:
    GG10!!! :thumbsu: :thumbsu:
    Nice avatar mate :thumbsu:

    Wooo boobies ;)


    P.S - Shes more then welcome to be added to our cheerleaders section if she hasnt already ;)
    Hey mate, I have been organizing the CFC Big Footy Leagues this year, noticed you were the moderator div 3 SC league last year.

    Could you clear the div 3 supercoach boards and give jd2006 ops.

    Hope that makes sense. Send me a message if it does not.
    Pfft, he said that about Taylor Swift n00b.

    Also it helps if you send the messages to me and not yourself ;).
    Man, like that MW2 gamer said in that YouTube clip about Scarlett Johansson, i would deadset drink Hawkins' bathwater she is that good! Let's just say i would do very unspeakable things to her.

    ...So hands off! ;)
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