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    Movie What's the last movie you saw? (5)

    Vivarium - Interesting premise - a couple inspecting a new home in a new estate are unable to leave. Good performances - Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg are the couple. But it doesn't reach any great heights and there's not much you don't really see coming. 6.5/10 The Way Back - Pretty...
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    TV Survivor 40 (Winners at War)

    I guess I always knew that EoE would be around even after merge. Doesn't make it any less annoying though - even if I like almost everyone on there. Don't really understand the big threats/players thing that's going on. Pretty much based all on prior seasons, which made sense when it was...
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    TV Better Call Saul - ** Contains Spoliers! **

    Keep your Westworld flying cars. I'll take this every single time.
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    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 11: Just Biden His Time

    i love how the right appropriated the word 'snowflake' to so accurately describe themselves. ******* prescient.
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    TV Survivor 40 (Winners at War)

    Did not think that fire tokens (and especially the bargaining for more) would have this much sway - though I think in Yul's case, Nick's line about how he is a top-line strategist and will just overshadow anyone else's game was the real reason he went. Gonna chalk up Wendell's behaviour to him...
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    TV Better Call Saul - ** Contains Spoliers! **

    For the love of god give Rhea Seehorn a goddamn Emmy.
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    TV Devs

    It's pretty goddamn brilliant. The opening to episode 3 was absolutely transfixing. Absolutely looks gorgeous and haunting at the same time. The score as well. Just here for the Garland aesthetic. Shoutout to Offerman as well, he is just all in. Best thing about it is that it's not just...
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    TV Survivor 40 (Winners at War)

    That's some cold blooded assassin shit right there. That Sandra never saw it coming is surprising but both she and Rob overestimated (understandably) their own abilities. Have no real sense of what Wendell thought he was accomplishing there. Even less why Yul and Nick didn't look at each and go...
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    Game Day Rnd 1 - Carlton v Richmond Game Day Discussion

    will always have watching the boys run up the race to an empty MCG under lights the only thing i'll remember of the 2020 afl season
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    Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - season postponed. (Thread part 1 - cont in part 2, link in thread)

    AFL trying to combat the spread of coronavirus by banning media from changerooms in this, a full-contact body sport, is the kinda galaxy brain innovative thinking that also brought us AFL X
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    TV The Outsider

    Pretty good series, but mostly on the back of some good performances. The mystery, El Cuco held me for the first few episodes but its dragging and some plot contrivances (Seale just blurting out the plan) I didn't love. Would watch a True Detective Season 4 with Ralph and Holly though.
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    TV Better Call Saul - ** Contains Spoliers! **

    I rewatched the last few episodes of S4 before starting this season. The one scene that stood out was the opener of the penultimate - where Kim plays the con with Jimmy to get the blueprints for the Mesa Verde bank swapped. She was so confident, so effortless, that you'd be forgiven for...
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    Live Chat The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 20 thread

    It's honestly about time that Luol Deng Jayson Tatum got the recognition he so deserves.
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    Live Chat The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 20 thread

    i am DECEASED
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    The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 19 thread

    i don't think anyone at this point is arguing whether or not bringing in horford was the right move. it clearly wasn't trading embiid, is not the answer.

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