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  • Looking for a Big Footy Fantasy Footy League side mate?

    Im the captain of the Geelong Gumbies and would love to have you :)
    Didn't want to post in the thread to encourage troll ville but as I read the new Scully thing in the paper I couldnt help thinking what would Jimmy be thinking about all of this...
    Good work again flying our flag around here like always mate - just fired off a couple more shots on that thread too :)
    dont listen to those s**t-heads...they are just trying to sink the book in

    hang in there - things will change I know they will
    Mate hope you are well. I trust your judgement. WITF happened last night in your view, please? B
    lol. Majority of people would now take Watts? Lulz. Maybe you should start a poll. :D

    Masten has struggled to date.. but Morton hasn't been that much better.. and don't use the injury excuse cause Masten hasn't had an injury free season to date.

    WCE have failed epically this year, can't argue on that one.

    I think both teams have talented kids and in reality not much will be known for 2-5 years. Just remember we climbed like you guys did between 08 and 09 and it doesn't take long to hit rock bottom again.. or go on to better things.

    Watts.. lol. :)
    Link to the ban and I'll honour it. As it stands its a 12month bay 13 ban. Don't worry I'll still be pointing out what a clueless douche you are on the main board and polls board.

    Watts is (at present) an average, average footballer. Despite playing with an injured shoulder Naitanui has been comfortably better than him in a worse team and that gap will only continue to get wider.

    I'd also not get too cocky about climbing up a few ladder spots.. we did that in 2009 and did a Melspoon this year. Oh well atleast we can reflect back on 3 flags over the last 2 decades.. is it 50 years since Melbourne won a flag yet? :)

    It was a choice between 12 month ban from the Bay or a permanent ban. Pretty sure I said 12 month ban but I can't find the post. I see that reading/comprehension isn't your strong point.. still. :(

    I'm still lulz'ing (and a little worried) at the fact that you remembered this given that I've basically only been on the SC and Team boards this year. :D
    lol I feel special that I got a personal message given that I haven't posted in Bay13 for ages.

    I thought our bet was for Bay13. If it wasn't I'm happy to honour the bet, but it will be a pain to have to create an alias for the next 12 months (or however long the bet was).
    Can I get your signature here please?: http://bigfooty.com/forum/showthread.php?t=686545

    Thank you :)
    That is strange brah.

    Maybe you could teach Morton how to get a bit tougher.. God knows he needs it.

    I've done wonders with Christian Bock.. He's a man mountain now brah.

    I could teach you.
    Hey brah, I couldn't help but notice how tough you act.. I'm impressed.

    You still benchin' 36kg?

    No come back on Matty Whelan then?
    Perhaps re name yourself Liam Jurrah=Legend?
    At least he is Aboriginal.
    HA HA HA
    Win a Premiership within 10 years and re visit this message you joke.
    Do you know what the biggest joke of all is?
    You calling that very very ordinary footballer Matthew Whelan a legend.
    Might be a legend in the showers after the game(when he plays which isn't too often)But never has played a decent game since he left Darwin Buffaloes.
    You only survived because we chucked in 4 Mill dopey.
    If you have any knowledge at all you would realise we will never go under as the SANFL owns the license and they will give us more money.
    We were just trying to get a handout to make things easier because all you Victorian puss suckers seem to want to suck the life out off the AFL coffers.
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