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    2nds The Official Port Board Thread for the Discussion of the Port Power Seconds Team

    I do hear what you are saying. BUT Soccer, is there more or less clubs in the world since 1870? Has market based valuation of players and clubs led to the demise or the greater proliferation of that sport? My personal opinion is that the manipulation and control of the australian rules...
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    2nds The Official Port Board Thread for the Discussion of the Port Power Seconds Team

    I don't know why the SANFL don't just scrap the salary cap altogether. Survival of the fittest. And hey great if a club can pay 10 mil for Gary Ablett or Buddy. Great. SANFL will be the strongest comp in years that way. No salary cap No draft No attempts to make some clubs more equal than...
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    Official Club Stuff Message from KT

    Well Primus could have seen out the season. He didnt have to walk when he did.
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    Official Club Stuff Message from KT

    Have to agree with all. This guy is very polished, enjoy getting his "letters". Im looking forward again instead of navel gazing. Big thumbs up so far.
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    AFL Cairns - 2012 Season

    This is exactly why we DO need a NEAFL team.
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    Mega Thread The hunt for a new senior coach

    I'd like to see Roos, with Primus his assistant. Actually teach him how to coach properly, let him take over again in 4 years time.
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    Opinion As supporters, what can we do??

    You dont need a truck load of chicken sh*t, just head down the club and lay a cable of your own on the front door mat. I'm pretty sure they will get the general idea and it will only cost you a Vili's pie or two. If your really really angrey have a dodgy vindaloo and spray the message on the...
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    4/8/2012 the day Port Adelaide died

    The club didnt die, it just became like the other SANFL clubs. Inevitable as we had SANFL people forced on us at board level. We lost our independence and as the saying goes "the fish always rots from the head." We rotted into a SANFL basket case.
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    Game Day Port vs GWS Game Day thread

    MrMeaner, you are correct. We have never stood a chance, hamstrung from day one. I can see this thread getting very ugly, like our perfromances.
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    Game Day Port vs GWS Game Day thread

    Sad to see PAFC so embarrassed.
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    Ports AFL Guernsey History (Pictures)

    That magnificent man dead smack in the centre. Fantastic.
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    Game Day Port v North Melbourne Game Day Thread

    At work up in PNG, logged onto the internet to check the footy. First time in a bloody long time I can go back to camp with a football grin. To be followed by a whisky grin.
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    Beer Time

    Re: New Major Sponsor Ahh I remember the days we used to take the Green Death to a party because you knew no one else would drink them.
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    New Major Sponsor(s)

    Re: New Major Sponsor Tyre Power?
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    Ben Cousins in trouble - suffers fall in hospital

    Each to their own. Plenty of drunks and smokers out there. Show us your rage oh perfect one.