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  • nah mate i didn't watch the video. if you really need it i could look for the evidence i have seen. maybe the easy one is when Dale Thomas kicked a many bounce running goal against u guys (maybe at the G) after beau pooped his pants in the middle of the ground, or how he looked up to see who was coming in 3rd? quarter of the last wetsern derby. maybe we just agree to disagree. have a good life
    you didnt watch the video I'm assuming?

    running back with the flight of the ball, in the defensive 50 in the last quarter of a tight grand final

    that is courage
    all right buddy, relax. he is a ******** sniper, but i didn't say he couldn't play, so stop sooking about it. the article you show here even says he lined up the UNSUSPECTING Sean Dempster. if it makes you feel any better, i will tell you that Kerr is tough, Worsfold was tough & there are others, just not the sniper.
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