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  • Wow, having some trouble forming coherent sentences at the mo. I enjoyed that more than any win in the last few seasons. sh*t, more than any bar the 07 GF to be honest!
    lol how true that was me at the end of 07 into 08 took a long time well good luck except against us lol may we meet in the GF again if we are both lucky lol
    I don't really know..I saw in a previous post in the same thread that he'd put his BF Life on the line and squibbed. He responded by saying he'd responded! I'm trying to avoid engaging him but I let myself down occasionally! He's just so freaking annoying. Never a good thing to say about anyone. Even HP and some of the others show humanity occasionally! I'll try and find out what the bet was...I would suspect it had something to do with Rd 17 last year.
    Hey mate, what exactly was the bet shotta squibbed out of? I'm thinking people should put it in their sigs to remind him.
    the buzz was awesome . totally ! loved every second of it , i got to the ground at about 8am and just walked around it , the que into mcc was awesome the bed stuff funny as , i was on mmm with a cat guy who was all done up and nova was floating around i said scarlett needed a hair cut just being funny of course [ he is a good player] nearly died on monday when i saw pic's of what he did to it [ did a kevin barlett ad thing cut his hair in middle put a tiger jumper on like that ad] i did not tell him to do that i know that much just a nice trim is what i meant .

    i was on tv a few times too i was on the ground with the banner that was awesome infront of all those people wow .

    i know while waiting to go out i saw that they put one of the interviews i did on the big screen during the entertainment nearly died when i saw that was a experience that i want to live again .

    and yes lets do it all over again great stuff totally !
    yeah still celebrating i was so happy for you guys to win in 07 that was good as , as i said to friends keep it in vic if my team is not playing and it is a vic team against an intersater i will barrack for the vic team and want them to beat the interstate team !:thumbsu:
    i didn't mean to demean your 07 GF you were the best team then [ even though we beat you at the start ] so sorry about that i think gc_26 just got to me a bit ! did not like how he had a go at you either !
    your post - Personally I am still proud of my team, but gutted by losing a GF to a better team on the day.
    I also don't think past history between our two or any other teams has bugger all to do with present day results.
    I happen to think both Geelong and Hawthorn have tremendous upsides over the next 2-3 years at least. One or both will be Premiers again, very, very soon...and deservedly so!
    Both teams IMO are streets ahead of the rest of the comp structurally and talent-wise.

    agree 100 %you are a cool cat supporter :thumbsu:
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