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  • Hey Wizard, I sent you a PM a few days ago. Just wondering if you got it. Very keen on the Bickley jumper if you're willing to possibly sell/trade.
    hey mate, i got about 10 dvd's, would be happy to burn for you if you're keen.

    i should be getting them later this week. will obviously be a fee of a bottle of turkey if you're keen : )

    i live up in ashby (wanneroo) but have a brother who i will be burning them for who is in canningvale.
    She was, it was great.

    How do you find Ryan?

    Certainly wasn't the most liked driver when I used to ride in Perth. Always big rumours about how he got the money to go racing to begin with.

    Very good driver. Just a bit of loose cannon that forgets if he likes driving more than crashing every now and then.
    Went to the national titles tonight.

    Tell you what, haven't seen a Vosbergenesque move like that done by Farrell in a while.

    Territorians >>>>>>>> All.
    I play you in DT finals this week right.
    Well injures have taken a toll on my team, so I am throwing this match in all 3 leagues.
    It's not tanking. it's list management. I've gotta be fully fit Rd 1 next year. ;)
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