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  • 9-1 and only won FIVE final quarters. Best is yet to come with a quarter of the best 22 on the sidelines.
    Despite the reality check by the almighty Hawks, I still believe North can contend for the '16 flag. Standard of the game was high.
    North have projected their membership to break 40k. At 32,245 before March arrives... all systems go.
    Congrats to Nobbyiscool and BoKnows34 for their berth into ND SB VIII after claiming their respective ND Conference Championship titles.
    It's the ND Conference Championships and Ripcord Bowl V weekend…. in the words of Daryl Eastlake…. " Gonna be HUUUUUGE"
    With the top 2 seeds of The Chuck Noll Conference eliminated, this leaves iLuvParis as the new #1. Four rookies still in the ND hunt.
    The ND Play-Offs are before us as 32 try to achieve AE immortality. TCol has the best play-off record with Ten wins five losses. 2011 champ.
    The 14 Divisions have been clinched and Six Primary Wildcards will enjoy a week off. Meanwhile, 20 will fight it out for 12 Secondary WC's.
    ND Play-offs just around the corner. Check out all the week 10 results and standings on ae15clubhouse.com
    Week 9 features the 'BUS Division' 1 vs 2 with the undefeated, Manureid vs BeLikeMike, who needs to win to keep the division door open..
    The Battle Royale is the H2h match up of the CR Reigning Champions. Superfreak vs Island Bomber.
    3XKO Wrecking Ball Week 2 will be remembered for the MOTHER of ALL WB weeks with Nine upset results. Most since 1989.
    AE15 Season set with 84 campaigners onboard. 14 rookies IN + 9 Comebacks players overriding the 11 who bowed out.
    Winding down to the last week of the AE15 registration, 60 onboard with a flurry of up to a dozen to join in the mix. Paypal/ banking.
    AE15 registration still open. We have 53 onboard with 72 anticipated to join this year. So far seven rookies and seven comeback members.
    With 40 already onboard, the interest is pushing toward last years numbers. Only three notifications from last years list have dropped out.
    The AE15 Launch is coming. Registration now open. May have to close registration earlier this year if 84 sign up sooner. Get in quick!
    Three gifted goals for the 0-2 Port Power helped them secure a gutsy 8pt win. They played intensive and needed to be carried over the line.
    The bounce back game after being humbled in the opening week was an assurance that North are back on track but the upcoming games will test.
    Mustang celebrates 50 years this year, North celebrate their 40th anniversary of first flag and it'll be my 30th year as a NMFC member.
    TWO undrafted FA's made impact BIG PLAYS in SB49… that's something very few fans will remember after the dust settles from the aftermath.
    Congrats to Island Bomber & Superfreak for Tying in the CR Championship… Terrific stuff!!
    Congrats to Statsman74 for clinching LCS. Congrats to Superfreak for clinching his second ND title.
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