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    Preview Brisbane v Adelaide Preview No Divine intervention Needed

    No, actually he couldn’t. He mostly played as a HF for us and couldn’t hold that position. Constantly in and out of the team. Competing against Charlie, Zac Bailey, Zorko, McCarthy and Rayner, his finishing is just not in the conversation. Not his bag. He’s a decent contested onballer. Better...
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    Fitzroy Library FFC display

    I’ll have to pop in and have a look at that. Not far from me. On a related matter, just came across this Fitzroy Caltex car sticker on Ebay and had a chuckle. It’s as if the sticker designer had someone describe the Fitzroy logo from memory after seeing it on TV once...
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    2021 Lions Off-season

    I like Adams but outside of the often cited Hawkins game, I’m not sure he has that much form for curbing gorilla forwards. Stats are never the full story, but he’s actually shorter than Darcy and only a kilo heavier...
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    Win Prizes 2021 Brisbane Lions SuperCoach leagues

    Team Name: 'The Mental Demons'. Finished 4,221 in 2020
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    2021 Training Reports

    Think I read a mention somewhere where he completed the 3km time trial and immediately looped around to help one of the new kids (Blake Coleman I think) finish. So, looking good from a fitness and a straight-up leadership point of view.
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    2021 Training Reports

    Anthony Corrie and Jason Roe both played a fair bit of footy through that late 2000s period. Corrie might have played a lot more if not for a broken jaw and an ACL taking out long periods.
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Watch

    I think it’s called ‘BerejikLand’ now.
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    List Mgmt. Morning, Joe! (was The Daniher (Probably Mega-)thread)

    “Daniher-d it through the Grapevine”?
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    Senior Eric Hipwood (2015-)

    Yes, he's ridiculously quick for a 6'6 guy but it's hard to use that pace deep in a crowded forward line. But starting up around the wing and running back towards goal? Good luck with that. Anyone capable of staying close to him will probably giving away 20cm when the kick comes in.
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    Has the injury to Harris Andrews dented our finals campaign

    It has a slight whiff of desperation, but it's not a crazy idea. I was a little surprised the Dogs went with it, as they'd just got Dunkley back but Bevo has never been afraid of a left-field move. Dunkley has been as good as any of their mids since he started playing that role (though he must...
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    Has the injury to Harris Andrews dented our finals campaign

    Might have been a bit of coin flip with him and McStay early, but I seem to remember him on the Roar Deal Podcast reasonably early last season when he was not in the senior team. He wasn't exactly openly disenchanted, but to me it sounded like it wasn't far beneath the surface. He wasn't...
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    Training 2020 Preseason

    Outstanding work, Dlions Much appreciated.
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    2020 Brisbane Lions SC leagues

    Worse. 28,797.
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    2020 Brisbane Lions SC leagues

    Had a mare last year. 25k but that’s the lowest for a while.
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    Training 2020 Preseason

    Outstanding as always, Mr ripper. Couple of quick queries. You mentioned Ballenden and Skinner doing ankles. There's even a shot where Connor looks a bit sore and proppy. Any more on that as the evening progressed? It might just be the luck of the photos you took, but, to my eye Oscar...