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    Review In the last 15 years who was the best half back man that played for the yellow and black?

    For us old blokes Greg Strachan.LOL
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    How to get rep AFL with some player passion and fan buy in

    I think they should run state of origin like soccer in the olympics. All players are under 22yo except for 2 or 3 older players who you make captains. For the young players this could be the biggest game of their often short careers and the older players can put state captain on their...
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    What is Acceptable?

    Yep. I think that when Richo had played the same number of games as Sav Rocca they had kicked the same amount of goals. But Richo brought more to the game than a stop and prop FF.
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    Injury Grimes, Nothing major but should we be worried?

    I might be wrong but i seem to remember Butch taking up ballet lessons to help his hamstrings.
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    2nds James Keogh

    This. I own a pub and put on bands at least once a month. And lot of these performers get more respect in europe and in the USA than they do here. It almost seems if you dont do khe Sanh and ac\dc covers no one listens or cares. If James can make a ukulele sound cool and hip and play footy he...
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    2nds James Keogh

    James can play at my pub anytime
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    Worst hangover in recent memory?

    A bit Kevin Sheedy this morning. Had the Ducks and Drakes pouring beers during lunch. The cook makes me bacon,eggs, sausage and grilled cheese and tomato after. Go home when barmaid comes in at 3pm. The missus and daughter are off to Melbourne. Watch Kill Bill on fox have a nap. Go back to...
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    Greatest Richmond Tigers Photos of all Time

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    Greatest Richmond Tigers Photos of all Time

    We are more north than that we speak both languages pots and middys
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    Greatest Richmond Tigers Photos of all Time

    This would be good if all these guy guys could be named as well.
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    Greatest Richmond Tigers Photos of all Time

    You can work it out from my name. North East Victoria but i think you might know that already.
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    Greatest Richmond Tigers Photos of all Time

    I don,t even remember David Grant thanks for the info. Not even keen saints supporters up here have mentioned his name.But they only remember Harvey and Lockett anyway.
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    Greatest Richmond Tigers Photos of all Time

    She was the was the first naked woman i saw in real life.
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    Greatest Richmond Tigers Photos of all Time

    I have this same photo hanging in my pub, i removed the the old peter jackson pool rules to put it there. Saint players 12 and 13 are the same players but who are the other saints players. This is a question asked all the time. I thought the guy in the background might of been a young Stewart...
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    Society/Culture Vegemite goes Halal - Islamification of Australia continues.

    Having worked in the industry that deals with the yeast that vegimite is made from ,it is only sourced from one of the BIG breweries based in Melbourne. The brewer has "copywrite" protection of the yeast strain. Different yeast will give different flavours so it can only be sourced from the one...