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    Sheffield Shield Round 7: Victoria v Queensland @ Junction Oval

    Gotch and Harper are such similar players that it really doesn't matter which one plays. I'm just glad we're not playing both.
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    Membership Packs - Gripes and Opportunities

    Ditto, I'm now looking forward to my cap.
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    Name and Shame AFLX Fans

    I value my time at approx $50 per hour. Given transit time and game time, I'd want to be paid $200 plus as much food and drink as I could consume before I even entertain the thought of going along to this. That's my price AFL, your move.
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    Player Watch #24: Sam Durdin - suffers freak knife injury to finger while opening a food packet at home - out 8-10 weeks

    acurate one = naturally north. Probably best if someone tells you....
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    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    Jacobs still has a cold? What?
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    NMFC 2019 membership thread

    I think you're funny too. Like the time i said you were off your meds and you then had a meltdown. We laughed and laughed.
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    NMFC 2019 membership thread

    Why you so mad? Cos i called you sexist and racist? I thought you wore those titles with pride.
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    NMFC 2019 membership thread

    You still here?
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    The Victoria Bushrangers Thread

    Will Sutherland on the radar at all?
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    NMFC 2019 membership thread

    If by UN-North you mean I respect women and all races. Then, yeah guilty. You complete and utter turnip.
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    NMFC 2019 membership thread

    And you're as mentally deranged with delusions of grandeur as you were in the TSK days.
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    NMFC 2019 membership thread

    Just telling it like it is, whether you want to hear it or not.
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    List Mgmt. Josh Kelly to North II | Re-signed with GWS for seasons 2018 and 19.

    Shit yeah. Mainly because that means that we've won a Premiership in 2019 and I cannot think of anything better than that. If we win it this year, I don't give a stuff who plays with us in 2020.
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