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  • Hey mate not sure if you're aware you have a couple of picks in the Essendon board draft game to do whenever you want.

    Looks like you will cop some s**t about your poll/thread 2011.

    It is common for threads to be copied from BB to BF and vice versa.

    The problem is the inconsistency that comes from the BB side.

    There is another thread - '10 reasons why we have gone backwards' which is a copy of a BB thread 14.08.2010.

    The reason you are being targetted is that the author of the 2011 thread on BB - is considered a VALUABLE poster, whereas as the author of the '10 reasons why we have gone backwards' on BB, is not a favored poster.

    Much ado about nothing - Another case of forum wars.

    Noticed that Slattery 20 has got stuck into you on BF and BB.
    G'day mate, great work on the Phantom Drafters - Player Profiles thread. Quality read, keep up the good work. :thumbsu:

    Go Dons :D
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