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  • Haha sorry! Sent that to the wrong person! For some reason i clicked on someone else and it went to your profile!

    I'm sorry, sir. No camera's. Do you have any ID? This is a restricted area. :D
    I've got Furies next, then you boys.

    I did it on reverse ladder order from last season. :D
    Yeah, we'll be in it if we have enough players. We've got ten at the moment so that's obviously not enough. Need to wait until we get a few people who played last season to come back, then we'll need to find people so we at least have 20.
    HAHA thats not a bad Idea, I tell you what I'll contact SR and see what he says, make sure you ask Ljp aswell.

    Can't wait if this happens :p
    lol pfft Boncer's opinion means nothing to me anyone can make themselves look tough on a forum.
    Gday mate. I was hoping to get 2 vice captains for the newbies for a bit of leadershp and to help make any potential changes to the team and such. I will not announce it until I have a reply from you and Tim Saints also. So let me know if you are interested.
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