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  • I blame Children of Bodom for feeling nostalgic. Was listening to Roxette, music from their 80's stuff. Shut the **** too, I had a crush on that woman. She's Swedish? :(
    I don't have any credit whatsoever on my phone until next Thursday... and this is the only place I can tell you this... I can't text, I can't call, I am nearly lost to the outside world, but I don't care though, I am listening to music and watching the Cricket, so I am winning though.
    Australian Cricketers eat my lasagne at the lunch and tea break that's what. You're welcome!
    What did you do to Shane Watsons Lasagne? :p
    I recommend it.

    Thought I'd go with a chance instead of listening to music, so I ordered a movie on Box Office for a change. Haven't watched one for awhile.
    Robin Hood = Great movie.

    Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett is in it. Two great actors. Even if Crowe is a bit of a dill.
    True about the facepalm, I bet he viewed that Draconian video and he has backed down since that comment about the screamo shit because of it. lulz.

    For some reason I have an obsession with Cristina Scabbia (which is nothing new though), and I thought one of my female friends was actually her.

    lulz. She thought it was a compliment.

    I need to get that tattoo of her, maybe it'll easy my obsession. lulz.

    Although, I may have that Dimebag design done soon, a mate is doing it for me.
    We're social outcasts now. Bwauahahaha.

    How come I wasn't notified about the General Discussion board earlier dude? :p

    Now they've done it. I'm going to post stuff from Behemoth and other clips that could scare them.

    Bwauahahaha, ****ing ignorance is bliss with some.
    Education champ, I think you are doing business judging from the units you stated on the exams thread?

    Cheers mate, for some reason I thought it started tomorrow
    They're Melodic Black Metal mate. They sound pretty good. Their 2007 album "Harvest" isn't too bad.

    I may also try out Swallow the Sun from Finland and Dimmu Borgir from Norway.
    My suggestion is the different genres to the OP.

    Get Schism to supply his doom/sad/scary music, I'm sure we could put together a good enough list.
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