Oct 12, 2008
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    1. SOWAH
      Hi zee, can’t get to matches very often, don’t have Foxtel. Really appreciate the work you do around here,
      1. zeeCFC likes this.
    2. #GoBlues
      Hey mate any chance of posting the essendon game.

      Cheers love ur work
      1. zeeCFC
        Hey mate sorry had a big day, at this point I'm banking on a sleep in too haha. Will try my best to get up early but it's 4am and I'm knackered
        Aug 31, 2014
    3. FoeverBlues
      any link for last two games champion???
    4. Claypigeon
      Cheers for the SFA like but how did you stumble into that thread. .. Take a wrong turn at Albuquerque? :)
    5. Wahooti Fandango
      Wahooti Fandango
      Haha that role play they do at WalMart is bloody hilarious. Their trip to Las Vegas was genius, in particular the shooting range.
    6. Wahooti Fandango
      Wahooti Fandango
      Haha nice. Great show. I am a huge fan of Theatre of Life. Have you seen much of it? I swear Nick is insane sometimes.
    7. peterss
      Hey Mate

      You interested in playing in the Big Footy Fantasy Footy league for the Geelong Gumbies? We have your fellow bluebaggers in Jeremias and Scared Scotland over there.

      Head on over the the Fantasy Footy League board and have a look, Im the captain over there and am chasing some active players as we alot of our players are MIA or have barely been sighted. Your a great poster and i like reading your posts and you would add alot to the Gumbies and the SFA in general.

      Sign up to the Gumbies if your keen :) Let me know mate.

      Cheers :)

      Geelong Gumbies Captain.
    8. Beloved
      This is the first I've heard about it. I'll go and check it out now.

      Thanks for the heads up!
    9. tap_my_scott
      feels good that we will land an elite coach and become a force
    10. zeeCFC
      So's lurking.

      Note that I'm writing here ;)
    11. ParaBellum
      Hi Zee, do you know if your mp4s count as Bigpond unmetered data? I'm on a prepaid wireless modem.
    12. KnaveyBlue
      Hey Zee, you got BigPond links to the Blues v Dees game by any chance? Would be greatly appreciated!
    13. Salaryman
      legendary efforts
    14. Salaryman
      Hey bud,
      did you do the Adelaide game in Mp4 by any chance??
    15. Salaryman
      Tks, good work my man......subtext, do it yourself you lazy pr*ck !!!!!!
    16. Jatz
      change your picture back this instance! :P
    17. bluepride
      im banned from teh board

      but give me matera from the gc ... thanks
    18. Sin City
      Sin City
      Cheers mate :thumbsu:
    19. Sin City
      Sin City
      Hey Zee, is there any chance you could put the highlights from the last three practice games on CFC-TV up on youtube? I don't know how to do it.
    20. Mister Carlton
    21. Double the Fist
      Double the Fist
      Greeks invented sex, Italians introduced it to women hey MC?
      Read this below. Funny stuff!
      Cheers for the avatar props.
    22. The Toad
      The Toad
      Very Funny. I'd cop a yellow for that.
    23. The Toad
      The Toad
      How'd you get the yellow Zee?
    24. Sin City
      Sin City
      Hey Zee do you reckon you could make a picture of "The Shaun Grigg Cup' for our round one thread? :D
    25. Mister Carlton
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