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    Who the ruck?

    Nah like it. Although it does cost us some mobility/agility/pressure up forward
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    Who the ruck?

    We're pretty lucky to have two genuienly good ruckmen at our club. Obviously O is the man and we all adore him, but man Darcy Fort was impressive every time he played this year. Reckon he's a better tap ruckman and obviously a weapon as a forward. But O is better around the ground, bashes and...
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    First 22 in 2023

    LOVE this 22! I also agree re perhaps Adams replacing Gardiner. I could see Darcy exploring FA anyway, would suit the doggies for example. Payne Train is starting to come one and become fairly dependable (still get a squeaky bum whenever he's kicking though) LOOOOOOVE Rayner at CHF. I've been...
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    Daniel NotStay-ing

    Hope people don't come here to bash Dan. I'm super happy for him and thankful that he really did give us everything he had, through some really rough times too. Now he probably gets a massive pay rise, despite being a solid B grader at best (thus far). Yay for him :) From a bris perspective...
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    Game Day Preliminary Final, 2022 - Geelong vs. Brisbane Lions

    Boys are kicking a lot of goals though so that’s encouraging
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    Game Day Preliminary Final, 2022 - Geelong vs. Brisbane Lions

    Who else rocked up absurdly early and is now sitting here in much regret Eeep
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    Review Semi Final, 2022 - Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions

    Thanks to each and every one of you who were there last night. We were unbelievably loud, way louder than them. Possibly the best night of my life haha. Dare to dream baby Joe who?
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    Semi Final v Dees

    love darcy but yep reckon I'd trust lester a lot more
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    Review Elimination Final, 2022 - Brisbane Lions vs. Richmond

    BT hates us too i swear
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    Preview Elimination Final vs Richmond Tigers @ the Gabba, Thu Sep 1 7:20 PM

    ch ch ch ch changessssss despite the obvious nerves of playing a debutant and going in post-belting, this fresh lookin team with our #1 pick from last eyars big joe playing game 150, big oscar playing game 100, mitch back in for potentially his final game....I'm keen. Lets goooooooo
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    Game Day Round 23, 2022 - Brisbane Lions vs. Melbourne

    if you think you're mentally on the f**king roopes right now....just gear yourself up for the reality of what kays before us in a forntibht. whern dusty martin and co knock us out first round of the god damn finals. bring on preseason + ashcroft + buddy (?) :(
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    The positives thread

    THIS <3
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    Game Day Qualifying Final 1, 2021 - Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions

    Have always been a massive Mathieson fan and actually believed he was up to it I think tonight is proof that he really, really isn’t up to it :( too many passengers tonight. Too many unforgivable unforced errors
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    Game Day Round 5, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Essendon

    Why do umpires hate Brisbane so much
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    Game Day Round 5, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Essendon

    Bloody hell, all my pre game nerves and pessimism disappeared as soon as I saw that weather. It’s FORCING our boys to go back to basics!