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    Trades Round 20 Trades - The "Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home" edition.....

    Bring in Crisp or Whitfield ?
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    Autopsy Positives and Negatives vs Adelaide - Rd 18

    Ah but a Gaff on a boat can be handy
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    Analysis Why have the Eagle never played well in wet games?

    More instinctive football less rote game plan chip and run in circles backwards. Says a lot for level of football nous and game situation awareness than anything.
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    Trades 2021 Round 9 Fantasy Trades

    Convince me to retain sidey as a forward or is a sideyways trade to billings a good move?
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    Preview Rnd 7 - Carlton vs Essendon* Sunday 2 May 3:20PM @ MCG - Team Post #1104

    What is the chance of Parks playing on Sunday or will he return via the VFL?
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    Round Round 6 Fantasy Discussion - Anzac Day - "Lest We Forget"

    VC on Macrae Fullerton on field Captain F and Rowe F emergency - will that get me double points for Macrae given Rowe plays and Fullerton doesn’t play ?
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    Preview Round 6, 2021 - Carlton vs. Brisbane Lions

    Is Sharp any chance of getting a game/interchange?
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    Trades 2021 Round 5 Fantasy Trades

    Thoughts? Butters to Wingard Daniels to Jiath
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    Discussion 2021-Fantasy General-Discussion-Help

    thank you
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    Game Day Round 4 St Kilda vs West Coast - Sat @2:35

    Oh I fess up I was materamagic
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    Discussion 2021-Fantasy General-Discussion-Help

    Is it possible to VC loophole Taranto who plays on Saturday and if I don’t want to take his double score can I move the C onto a player set to play on Sunday? Also Does it matter what day the game of the non playing player is on? Thanks guys
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    Review Positives and Negatives vs Gold Coast

    me too - Trevor Poole roved to me at Richmond
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    Teams 2021 AFL Fantasy Teams - Preseason

    thanks man I’m pretty happy with the team for now and will see if any changes on naming of the sides for R1 particularly rookies. didn’t watch the game but listed to a little of it, I back Gaffy in as M1 and agree you, though many would not Go that way Ah well we will see how It goes. yes I...
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    Teams 2021 AFL Fantasy Teams - Preseason

    Any Thoughts or changes on this side:
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    Teams 2021 AFL Fantasy Teams - Preseason

    Thanks for your suggestion and don’t we all wish at one point or another that we had our time again ? he is as sorry as anyone else and will have to live with that tag forever