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    They have a pretty good team of the Century
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    Analysis "The game plan"

    Found Simon Goodwins account
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    2018 Rolling All Australian Team

    Gun Jackston in the middle
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    The most important home and away game of 2018, hidden in a shocking time slot

    It's equally likely that Melbourne will be completely out of contention for the finals and the game is a dead rubber.
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    2018 Rolling All Australian Team

    ...he's not being more damaging though. Maybe he's more efficient per disposal. But the raw numbers show him being more damaging last year.
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    5 "Draft Games" to trial rules in the 'Bye Week'. 18v17, 16v15, 14v13, 12v11, 10v9.

    Did not know Gil had an account on here
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    AFL Ratings Best 22 - Accurate or not?

    AFLPR twitter account
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    Random Brownlow Question

    2015 Fyfe (1st) polled in 11 games. Priddis (2nd) polled in 13 games 2010 Judd (1st) polled in 12 games. Ablett (2nd) polled in 13 games 2003 Ricciuto, Goodes and Buckley tied for first polling in 10,11 and 12 games respectively 2001 Akermanis (1st) polled in 9 games, Francou (3rd) polled in...
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    2018 Rolling All Australian Team

    Haven't you been reading this thread. Key defenders don't play on key forwards.
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    Modern ERA Teams That Have Their Best FWD/MID/BACK in History On List

    I don't like saying that a triple premiership team under performed... but the fact they only won 3 premierships is kind of surprising
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    Modern ERA Teams That Have Their Best FWD/MID/BACK in History On List

    94 is Melbournes best forward line easily Gary Lyon had one of the best years of his career with 79 goals Schwarz was in full flight and going to be the next great CHF. kicked 60 goals and averaged nearly 7 marks a game Jakovich only played half the season and still managed 50 goals Since 2000...
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    Modern ERA Teams That Have Their Best FWD/MID/BACK in History On List

    2009 Geelong arguably had their greatest ever defence and midfield at the same time FB: Enright, Scarlet, Harley HB: Milburn, Taylor, Mackie MID: Corey, Ling, Kelly FOL: GAJ, Selwood, Bartel Pretty stacked if you ask me. Bolded players are in, or in serious consideration for, their greatest...
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    AFL All Australian Team: After Round 8, 2018

    Well you don't have Oliver so you're wrong. Also there is already a rolling All Australian team thread
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    What can be done for Nelson?

    I believe the AFL should invest in an extreme, cool, and fast paced hybrid sport that combines footy and fishing to help introduce our great game into the region.
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    Rising Star - Round 2 Nominations

    Not eligible. he's to old But I do agree that he was very impressive
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    Who do you think will or want to win the 2017 flag?

    No. Everyone knows you can only win a flag from 7th now that we have the bye week.
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    The 2017 Rolling All-Australian Thread

    I think Selwood even struggles to make the 40 man squad. On top of the 4 games he's missing and the games he got injured during, he's played a few pretty average games as well. Through a variety of different reasons Selwood has effectively only played half a season of AA quality football. I'm...
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    Mega Thread Buckley Contract extension

    Does your posting record warrant you not being ridiculed and derided?
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    The 2017 Rolling All-Australian Thread

    Gherig in 2005. Kicked 78 for the season Hall was FF and finished the H&A season 2nd in the Coleman with 72. Pav was CHF and kicked 61
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    Are the Dees on the verge of something great? - will they make the top 4?

    Well based on the last few weeks only the last one is true

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