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  1. Knighta21

    FIFA Ultimate Team Discussion Pt2

    Continued from here Below is from EBIAC's Original thread (First Post) For those that are looking to trade, sell and other Ultimate-Teamy things like that. If you're searching for a certain type of player, or selling for that...
  2. Knighta21

    2011 Rds 8-10 Scores & General Chat

    Made it because it needs to be done Selwood dominating in his 100th Go Cats:cool:
  3. Knighta21

    Fifa 11 Big footy League - PS3

    As stated in the Fifa 11 thread, I have started a league for anyone on the PS3. I have it set to 15 players (so be QUICK) and 2 matches each, meaning you play each player twice (In other words, 28 games each). If you wish to join, you can state your PSN in here and i'll PM you the details to...
  4. Knighta21

    Fifa 11 Pt 2

    Part 1 >>> Sorry but didn't know what else to say so this is from last thread. Relised something today, there is scouting... sort of Finished my season and at the start of the next i had a new player. A 16 year old kid that i did not...
  5. Knighta21

    PS3 Technical woes

    Anybody else have issues with their PS3?? PS3 tech woes escalate Not signing in didn't bother me but when i went to play my Fifa 10 MM this happened Seems I've lost all the Data for Fifa 10 (:mad::mad:) hopefully once fixed, it will all still be there.

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