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    Rumour 2019 Draft rumours thread

    Has a list been released of who has been invited to the first night of the draft?
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    Contracted Joe Daniher [RFA in 2020, has requested a trade to Sydney]

    IMO he wasn't worth 5 and 9, or 9 + a player, maybe 2 years ago coming off his 65 goal year, but not now. It would take an absolute elite A-grader to play 11 games in 2 years and be worth that, I don't think we've seen enough from Daniher to say he is. Essendon value him as he has shown his...
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    Confirmed Jack Steven [traded to Geelong for #58]

    Whilst we're all aware Geelong is taking a gamble with Steven, to echo what others have said: it just looks like they're risking absolutely nothing in doing so. If this were any other year, Steven would have comfortably been worth a first rounder, Pick 58 + making the Saints pay some of his...
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    Prediction Who gets picked up as a Delisted Free Agent?

    Not sure if he falls under this category (think he does?), but I'd expect Murray to be picked up. Nick Robertson I think will end up at GWS as a DFA. Clubs could do worse than look at Buzza as well.
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    2019 Trade thread

    I'll take that as a no ;)
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    Live Chat 2019 Trade Radio Thread

    But Daniher has PoTeNtiAl.
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    2019 Trade thread

    So aside from losing Cutler, Taylor for chips and getting Ah Chee, nothing else in the works today that we're aware of?
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    Live Chat 2019 Trade Radio Thread

    Scrap the Trade Period. Just make it a trade day next year. Would stop wasting everyone's time then.
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    Live Chat 2019 Trade Radio Thread

    Seems like thats the case. May as well have just said no trades could be lodged for the entire trade period until today 3pm, wouldn't have made that much difference. The AFL is cooked.
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    Unrestricted Free Agent Ben Keays [delisted free agent]

    Agreed. Will be delisted or traded for chips if there's any suitors.
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    Confirmed Tim Kelly [traded with #57 and future 3rd to West Coast for #14, #24, #33 and future 1st]

    lmao so he got his preference then, good for him.
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    Opinion Moneyball players

    Jarryd Lyons
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    Confirmed Tim Kelly [traded with #57 and future 3rd to West Coast for #14, #24, #33 and future 1st]

    He didn't request a trade to West Coast though, he requested a trade to Western Australia with a *preference* to join west Coast.
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    Confirmed Tom Sheridan [joins GWS as a delisted free agent]

    Didn't he play half back?
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    Strategy Live trading on draft night - Guess the first one?

    If Rankine/Lukosius is available at 4, then I'd say 8+13 for 4 (with some later picks being swapped) would be likely. Otherwise can see none happening in the first round.
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    Confirmed Jarryd Lyons [joins Brisbane as a delisted free agent]

    Updated the title and OP with confirmation. Sorry if I didn't do it right, still new around here :P
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    Prediction Winners and losers 2018

    If anything, I'dve thought Beams coming in could push Pendles out to half back more. Starting mids could be Treloar, Beams, Sidebottom with Sier, Adams and possibly Wells on the bench. Phillips probably a wing imo. Got enough mid depth there that he could easily be played at HB without the...
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    Confirmed Jarryd Lyons [joins Brisbane as a delisted free agent]
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    Confirmed Dayne Beams [traded with #41 and #43 to Collingwood for #18, #56 and future 1st round pick]

    If only they had one defender as good as any of those mids.

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