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    Analysis Beveridge - where to from here?

    Bevo has never particularly got on well with tall timber... He doesn't seem to be able to connect with them as he can with the small brigade. The evidence is the poor development and relations with our past tall stock..
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    Review Dogs Completely Out Coached By Beveridge: Lose Badly To Blues

    Bev is slowly losing the players. When he announced the two debutantes last week naturally the team were happy for them. However, at the same time they realized they were facing a loss due to the playing standard of the two players and how other better credentialed players were left to sink or...
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    Mega Thread The Western Bulldogs - The Sack Macca saga

    Why? Because the team has already developed bad habits, attitude and lack of belief. This is a coaching problem..
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    Mega Thread The Western Bulldogs - The Sack Macca saga

    As I mentioned a few times this year ...certainly Mac should continue his development work. There is no question of that. He is a great acquisition for the juniors in our club. The next obvious step is to compliment his work by signing a Senior Head Coach or Director of Coaching with proven...
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    Review Autopsy/Vent thread vs Richmond. Round 13, 2013.

    Certainly he should continue his development work. There is no question of that. He is a great acquisition for the club. The next obvious step is to compliment his good work by signing a Head Coach or Director of Coaching before the boys learn how to accept defeat and learn bad habits.
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    Review Autopsy/Vent thread vs Richmond. Round 13, 2013.

    If this is true -then I think Macca has realized his own strengths and weaknesses. To be fair -it was only ever him going into battle that he could see his limitations (tactical / game play). Simply put in military terms -he is a well-respected military college instructor of young men -but we...
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    Mega Thread The Western Bulldogs - The Sack Macca saga

    The occupation of coaching is a daunting task as there is so many separate requirements being made on the coach. Today, the cv of a football coach no longer includes just ‘teaching people football’ but a host of other qualities and responsibilities. Find below some example key required...
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    Favourite players since you first started following the Bulldogs

    M'mmm ---let me think. My favourite players to watch were/are: John Schultz Gary Dempsey Kelvin Templeton Simon Beasley Danny Southern Barry Hall Out and out champions and big guys who could win a game by example and by their own boot..
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    List Changes

    "..Coach Rodney Eade farewelled retiring pair Brad Johnson and Nathan Eagleton, outgoing assistant coach Leon Cameron and physiotherapist Sue Cautley, and thanked Tim Callan - who is not being retained on the list - for his three years at Whitten Oval..." -Bulldogs website By Jennifer Witham...
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    Eade's Performance for 2010

    Correct CD! Unless we have access to the players, coaching staff, management etc -how well can we really judge Eade's performance? Hence the need to acknowledge what we do not know/have access to and when we do try to rate his performance we should also use an objective (read: non-emotive)...
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    Eade's Performance for 2010

    Here's a quick list I have compiled we can use to rate Eade's coaching performance for 2010. The list is by now means complete -so please add additional items you think we can use. What rating (out of 10) would you score Eade on the below items? How would you rate his game day tactical...
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    Eade Q&A - part one

    Eade Q&A - part one --published on Bulldog's website 6 August 2010 By Jennifer Witham "..IN PART part one of our exclusive interview, Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade talks specifically about some of his players; sharing his thoughts on the future of veterans Brad Johnson and Barry Hall..."...
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    What a fantastic club!

    Why a strong team is greater than the sum of it’s parts All players must pledge allegiance to that which they serve the football club. The Values Successful Football clubs are driven by a deep-rooted set of values. These key values provide the foundation for everything that happens at...
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    Dogs unleash on dirty Roos

    North Melbourne's Scott Thompson vows to cut niggle after Barry Hall clash -Herald Sun -by Jay Clarke, May 26th "..The Roos backman has embarked upon an honest re-assessment of his tactics after fierce criticism of his role in his fiery clash with Western Bulldogs' forward Barry Hall on...
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    Key Dogs need to steer team to a premiership

    By ROBERT WALLS -The Age, May 7, 2010 "...there is one major problem. No one is prepared to sit in the driver's seat when the going gets tough...It's a disappointing start for a team that has as much, if not more, talent than any side in the competition...Their window of opportunity to win a...
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    Development of Jarrad Grant

    Development of Jarrad Grant Sun Herald -by Mark Stevens - April 23, 2010 12:00AM "It was very clear a while ago that Matthew Kreuzer, Trent Cotchin and Cale Morton were going to be three players gone before our pick (No. 5)," Clayton said at the time. "If Jarrad Grant's not the next best...
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    Will Minson MUST go

    Bulldogs dump Will Minson Sun Herald -M. Stevens -April 22, 2010 11:37AM "..THE Western Bulldogs have lost patience with ruckman Will Minson, revealing he will be sent back to the VFL this week..."
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    Boyd has surgery to repair broken hand

    Bulldog Matthew Boyd has surgery to repair broken hand -Herald-Sun, Mark Stevens "..Boyd, the reigning best-and-fairest winner, had a plate inserted late today to speed up his recovery. Although the Dogs have not given up hope on Boyd making a late run to play on Friday night against...
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    Brad Johnson aims to return in Round 2

    Brad Johnson fits bill for Round 1 shock!! -Sun Herald. March 23rd, by Scott Gullan "..After being written off last week, the Dogs captain now looks set to play his 350th game against Collingwood at Etihad Stadium on Sunday..."...

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