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  1. wikipediaAFLproject

    lol ... i got it ages ago when wikipedia was just starting out. Literally got it simply because...

    lol ... i got it ages ago when wikipedia was just starting out. Literally got it simply because it was the last thing i had copied ... so i just pasted it into the username. I plan to get it changed soon. Though TBH it is good marketing to get people to edit wikipedia articles...
  2. wikipediaAFLproject

    Newspaper pay-wall effect on sport

    Whoa thanks mate!! Since you are interested, I spend most of my time in Sydney, and also a fair bit of time in QLD. Because of that I am swamped by NRL news constantly. When assessing anything most people compare it to something they know alot about.
  3. wikipediaAFLproject

    Is football Australias most significant cultural achievement?

    I was just reading this article here which quotes: Would this be an accurate statement? Im opening it up to debate. We have things such as: An entire indigenous culture to be celebrated. Events: - Sydney Olympics - Americas Cup - The Ashes - Continual recognition of indigenous...
  4. wikipediaAFLproject

    A twitter of confusion worldwide

    If you search twitter "Australian Football" it pops up with all kinds of people writing things about our game. Largely they are confused and do not know what is going on (though some quite like it). However for them to post something on twitter it shows that the game has made a decent impact...
  5. wikipediaAFLproject

    TV 2012 Ratings

    ............. and how long has SoO been shown for? 10 years < and > 3 years???????????
  6. wikipediaAFLproject

    Are Izzy/Hunt providing more marketing the other way round?

    Everyone in the football world knows that Izzy and Hunt are ex-NRL players. It is widely reported, and also widely discussed about how skillful they were at rugby league. Have they helped to market NRL into the AFL states? It has definitely increased awareness of the code. Perhaps people...
  7. wikipediaAFLproject

    TV 2012 Ratings

    Advertise the superbowl to be on the same date and time ... it would smash the ratings.
  8. wikipediaAFLproject

    Newspaper pay-wall effect on sport

    I have a feeling that eventually all of these news sites will be consolidated into one main site (perhaps under This will allow access to stories from all states. The newspapers will probably go national when readership drops as well. The fixed costs associated with running a...
  9. wikipediaAFLproject

    TV 2012 Ratings

    Pretty obvious reason why AFL people arent taking up Foxtel. It might seem like a small reason for some but i believe it is a huge reason ... rugby league people call their sport rugby league ...we call ours football, yet their is already a 'football' on foxtel. Its a basic branding concept...
  10. wikipediaAFLproject

    Newspaper pay-wall effect on sport

    Which is the thought of most people. However there is a need for professional journalists to attend press conferences, and media events to cover it all. This needs to be paid for somehow. News Corp (the global owner of News Limited) has decided to use Melbourne as its test case world wide...
  11. wikipediaAFLproject

    Moved Thread Too many Victorian clubs

    Simple... Set some key metrics that each club needs to reach by a certain date. Those not reaching them get merged (or relocated). I believe the clubs to be considered for this would be North Melbourne, Melbourne, St Kilda. Metric would include: - tv ratings - crowds - membership numbers
  12. wikipediaAFLproject

    The Roy Masters Thread

    Bulls$%t Sydney pubs/clubs/RSL are definitely not packed. I have yet to go have a meal anywhere on a regular rugby league night and see it 'packed'. I mostly frequent clubs/bars in and around Balmain, Surry Hills, the city centre, and occasionally Parramatta. The most popular for league I have...
  13. wikipediaAFLproject

    TV 2012 Ratings

    Im pretty sure its so that they can promote the NRL. I know plenty of people watching the NRL one simply because the AFL one isnt on. But it is very surprising that they dont have the NRL one on in the footy states.
  14. wikipediaAFLproject

    TV 2012 Ratings

    The good thing about being on 7mate is that we actually get a alot of pregame. It might not seem like much to people who have had it all the time, but pregame and postgame TV adds a significant amount to the entertainment experience. Now all we need is a good midweek footy show shown live into...
  15. wikipediaAFLproject

    Footballers and Olympic events

    Todays AFL footballer trains most days a week and has no job other than playing football, training for football, and doing media events for football. Are there any events at the Olympics where AFL footballers could compete (prob not win)? With only a small amount of preparation? Im...
  16. wikipediaAFLproject

    Sorry but cats will miss the 8

    Collingwood - need a bit of luck to win on current form. Essendon - 50/50 match .. could win. Crows - tough match ... need some luck (id tip a loss) Hawks - toughest match (another loss tipped). West Coast - another tough one (another loss) Saints - can win Dogs - can win Swans -...
  17. wikipediaAFLproject

    Expansion 3rd Sydney AFL side prediction

    No. You want a team in 50 years. But just like you dont have shares in Rio Tinto ... YOU have no say about it. If the AFL and the fans want a third team there, we will put one there. The number of 'we' is growing every day. To add, if you check out the twitter feeds of many AFL players they...
  18. wikipediaAFLproject

    Ticket Loyalty Bonus

    Basically you want football to be run by dictators??? Say something bad and you lose your membership?
  19. wikipediaAFLproject

    Newspaper pay-wall effect on sport

    I occasionally buy the AFR, and also The Age/SMH/Herald Sun when flying.
  20. wikipediaAFLproject

    Tassie's AFL Team? Never!

    All that is his personal opinion. Similar to the Rio Tinto CEO coming out and saying that he believes in 20 years they will have more mines in this place and this place. However things change (different mining areas located etc ... others providing more than expected), and the CEO then isnt...

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