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  1. TheCuzEffect

    News Police probe tiger over topless photo

    The party is OVER POLICE are probing a Richmond star over a topless photo scandal showing a young woman wearing his AFL Premiership medal. The woman has claimed she is a victim of revenge porn after the images of her topless were widely circulated online and through text messages without her...
  2. TheCuzEffect

    News Blake Caracella front runner for gold coast coach - FAKE NEWS

    Delete if posted elsewhere. Reported on trade radio he's become a front runner for the gold coast coach. Discuss.
  3. TheCuzEffect

    News Cats fan lodges complaint with AFL because of ‘terrible’ Richmond supporters

    "A GEELONG fan who felt “unsafe” at the MCG on Friday night has lodged an official complaint with the AFL. Anne* and her daughter left the MCG before half time, with the Richmond faithful creating a “mob atmosphere” that left her fearing for her welfare as a Cats supporter. “I go to the...
  4. TheCuzEffect

    Richmond to wear 130th anniversary Guernsey vs Carlton

    I emailed the club asking about a couple old Guernsey's that they don't stock anymore but turns out they'll be releasing a new jumper for our 130th anniversary this week or early next week for the Carlton game.
  5. TheCuzEffect

    Analysis Tigers a top-four chance: Kennelly

    "Sydney premiership player Tadhg Kennelly says Richmond is a chance to finish top four on the ladder and win a premiership this season. Kennelly says the maturity of the group has set the Tigers on a path to success in September. “To win a premiership you’ve got to finish in the top four, and...
  6. TheCuzEffect

    Signed Deledio warm up jersey

    Wasn't sure where to post mods move if needed anyone interested I paid a bit back on the rfc auction site if anyone's interested pm me. It's the purple Alanna & Madeline foundation from 2 years ago. Pics on request as I don't have them on photobucket
  7. TheCuzEffect

    News Port Adelaide and Richmond Tigers bid for coach Darren Burgess

    "PORT Adelaide is caught in a bidding war with Richmond for Liverpool fitness coach Darren Burgess." "As Richmond yesterday appointed Port Adelaide premiership coach Mark Williams to senior coach Damien Hardwick's staff, the Tigers have sparked a stunning escalation in football department...
  8. TheCuzEffect

    New priority pick system.

    In the future, priority picks will be awarded at the discretion of the AFL Commission based on the recommendations of football operations manager Adrian Anderson. In making those recommendations, Anderson will take into account such things as a club's premiership points in recent seasons...
  9. TheCuzEffect

    Preview Round 18 - Carlton Vs. Richmond

    This is our game for the year. If we win the games we are expected to win AKA - Melbourne, Gold Coast, North, Port Adelaide. This game will be our Finals and if we win we should make finals with results going our way.. My question, How many of you are going? and if so will we expect a sold out...
  10. TheCuzEffect

    Opinion 2nd Half of the season

    Looking through the ladder predictor and our second half of the season after the Bye we have a real chance to finish top 6. if we go ahead and Beat Carlton and Bombers and one of Fremantle at Perth or Adelaide in Adelaide we have potential to mount a top 4 charge. Early day's i know but the 2nd...
  11. TheCuzEffect

    Rumour Goddard?

    Rumour has it around the board that he want's out of St.Kilda. Thought's if we should get him or not?
  12. TheCuzEffect

    Preview R21 - Richmond Tigers v Sydney Swans Gameday Discussion

    Out - Jackson, Mcguane/Thursfield, King (?) In - Contin, Post, Connors?
  13. TheCuzEffect

    Geelong Vs Gold Coast at Skills

    :o How much will the cat's win by? Closest margin get's a chocolate in the mail. :thumbsu: 428 points. Pods to kick 30
  14. TheCuzEffect


    I know this has been done to death but what the hell.. My thought's are simple. Miller hasn't done enough to warrant a spot get rid of him and Bring Fev in through the Rookie draft. He's at most of our games cheering on the boys and close to a few. Off memory the main ones are Martin Newman...
  15. TheCuzEffect

    The Frustration thread.

    Vent your frustrations here, Nothing to over the top.. But quite Frankly the media is ****ing us up the bumb. :thumbsd:
  16. TheCuzEffect

    The sim is rigged!

    I'm not using this as an excuse but can anyone go out and tell me how a supposed 50/50 sim can make 1 team lose 12 ****ing games in a row? This is getting beyond a joke now.. Shit's ****ed and needs to be fixed. I recommend Mobs check the sim out and see if it's bugged over it. :thumbsd:
  17. TheCuzEffect

    Fevola And Martin..

    Was looking through Martin's twitter and most if not all of them are to Fevola It's good to see the tigers boy's still getting up and around the big fella to get another chance.. Main reason i posted this was to show what Fev twitted to Martin.. BrendanFevola05 Brendan Fevola...
  18. TheCuzEffect

    Matt Deledio

    Anyone know where he is with his footy and if we could possibly think of picking him up as a rookie of sorts?
  19. TheCuzEffect

    Bulldogs jumper.

    Hey guys, Congratz on the win today. I have for a sale a fully signed bulldogs jumper 2010 from the club with a sewn on badge at the bottom of it numbered 10/104 confirming it's legit. If anyones intrested send me a pm and we may be able to work something out :). Hopefully no one minds me...
  20. TheCuzEffect

    Umpires Vs. Richmond

    At this moment in time i am devestated.... the umpiring in this game was horrid espically towards Richmond in the dying seconds.. Classic example was when Jackson Got shirt fronted (Obvious head high contact) And the Scum Mclaren called it play on... So from the Bottom of my aching heart...

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