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    Torn Ankle Ligaments

    Playing basketball on Saturday went up for a rebound.. landed with all my bodyweight on my right ankle and ended up tearing ligaments in my ankle. Turns out i have grade 2 ligament tears. Doctor told me i should be walking at 100% in 2 weeks but no sport for atleast 4 weeks. He's given me ankle...
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    Ben Cousins

    Simple question. Yes or no?
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    2 Round Mock Draft

    1st Round 1 - Melbourne - Jack Watts 2 - West Coast - Nick Naitanui 3 - Fremantle - Daniel Rich 4 - Port Adelaide - Tyrone Vickery 5 - Essendon - Steele Sidebottom 6 - Carlton - Jack Ziebell 7 - Brisbane - Hamish Harlett 8 - Richmond - Sam Blease 9 - North Melbourne - Tom Swift 10 -...
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    Potential and Improvement Left

    Interested to see what the experts on here think about which players have the most potential, and those which have the most improvement left. Some would say someone like Ziebell would have less improvement left then someone like Harlett, because Ziebell is already much more physically matured...
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    Headset Problems

    One of my friends just let me borrow one of his old headsets that works fine at his place.. but like all of the other headsets i've owned, if i plug the headset into the back of the computer, only the microphone works but if i plug it into the front ports, only the headphones. I have absolutely...
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    Ben Cousins

    Do we want him?? Surely we have enough salary cap room to pick him up, so why not make a move?? Personally i'd love him at the club, would take alot of pressure off our midfielders who cop a hard tag every week (Harvey/Wells) and would be that extra ball carrying skillful midfielder we need...
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    Official Australian Open Predictions Thread

    Went back and copied the one that was made for last years open by ManWithNoName Who do you WANT to win? (Male and Female): Andy Murray and Daniela Hantuchova Who do you THINK will win? (Male and Female?): Roger Federer and Justin Henin Who do you not want to win under any circumstances...
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    30 Days

    We have 30 days to get back to the AFL, if we say no, then they will very much look into creating a 17th team Just reported on SEN
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    Dockers Delistings

    Hadrill, Dunn, Walker, Mourish and Collard Only one i'd be interested in is Collard. Have absolutely no idea why they delisted him considering he was pretty highly rated in last years draft
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    Geelong Vs Port Adelaide

    Well?? Geelong for me
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    Carey: Laidley Coach of the Year

    Did i hear correctly?? :eek:
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    North Ballarat Vs Coburg Thread

    ABC 1pm Talk about the match in here, quarter by quarter reports etc
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    Havnt seen the incident.. but supposably Judd eye gouged Brown from Hawthorn Talked about on the main board and most thing he'll get atleast get a week for it If he does get suspended.. we'd be pretty damn lucky to Vs a West Coast side without thier 2 best players in Judd and Kerr
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    Tasmania Vs Coburg Thread

    1pm on ABC Will be good to see how Adams, Goldstein, Hansen, Ross and Warren go Not sure if McMahon is playing or was he taken up to the Gold Coast??
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    Anyone know the crowd number?? I cant seem to find it
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    Knocking on the door

    Thomas, Moran, McConnell, Riggio, Trotter, Hansen, Urch, Whyman Realistically i think Thomas, Moran and McConnell are the closest to getting a game in the seniors.. but a great game from any of the others and they might be called up. Will be an interesting to see how these guys go for North...
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    Jesse Smith

    Heard a stat that 40 of his 43 disposals this season have been effective Was superb tonight :thumbsu:
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    5 Seconds in..

    Carey already pumping up the tires.. :thumbsu: Although still doesnt really think Laidley should be kept at the end of the season but he's entitled to his opinion Footy Classified BTW obviously
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    Anzac Day Medal Tip

    Andrew Lovett is my tip
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    Duff of Triple M

    Here we go..

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